Office Branding: shaping a showcase for your brand


Office branding can have a positive impact on both the clients that visit as well as your employees, which means that it is worth the effort and time to do it right. Still, many businesses don’t do so, thus leaving employees to work in office buildings that are uninspiring. Here are 5 office graphics tips for ensuring that your brand stands out:

Define Your Brand Values

It is important to ensure that you and your design team first establish exactly what your brand values are before you start any office interior design work. Besides the obvious things such as color schemes, slogans, logos, and trademarks, it is important to think of your business as having its own personality.

Ask yourself how the business helps people and the associations you would like your customers to draw. One of the best ways you can truly get to the core of your brand identity is asking those working on the project to come up with 5 words that best describe the business and an additional 5 words that describe your customers.

Differentiate Between Client and Staff Spaces

It is important to differentiate between staff-only spaces and client spaces when planning your office design. After all, clients and employees will likely each have a different view of the business and you may want them to do so.

Your staff may sometimes able to see right through the branding that’s targeted towards customers, since they see the daily realities of the business. During the design phase, you should try coming up with suitable branding ideas for the 2 different types of office spaces to send the right messages.

Focus on the Key Touchpoints

Office branding is usually a delicate balancing act and you can overdo it. One of the best ways to ensure that you get the balance right is focusing on areas where your branding is likely to have the greatest impact.

One obvious touchpoint is the reception, so it needs to be branded to state clearly who you are and what you do. However, you also need to identify the most important employee areas and consider the behaviors you would like to either encourage or discourage there.

Include Your Products

A highly effective office interior design technique that you can employ is showcasing your own products, but this will depend on the nature of your brand. After all, nothing can tell the story of your brand as well and effectively as your products can.

Pay Attention to Color Schemes

You also need to consider carefully the color scheme to be used in your office and consider how it relates to your brand. Assuming that colors associated with your brand aren’t too outlandish, it can be appropriate to use them in your office decoration.

Alternatively, if the use of company colors is too much of a distraction, consider the nature of your business before decorating accordingly. If your staff typically works under pressure, you should avoid making this worse by using intense colors. At the same time, plain white walls won’t suffice if creativity is at the heart of your brand.


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