Make Staying at Home Fun With Embroidery Kits

Home Fun With Embroidery Kits

Embroidery is an old art of decorating fabrics using needle and thread. We probably remember it as the craft that our grandmothers used to do. Picture the pillowcases that used to be in their living room with all the flowers embellished on them or the intricate patchwork on your baby blanket—they’re most likely embroidered. 

It may seem like a lost form of art. But, lately, it’s experiencing a resurgence as people of all ages are looking for ways to relieve stress and get creative as we spend more time at home. 

The Benefits of Using Embroidery Kits 

At the forefront of this trend are embroidery kit. As the name suggests, they contain all the supplies you need to get started: embroidery hoops, thread, needles, diagrams, instruction guides, and fabric where the pattern is printed on. Some kits have patterns you can transfer yourself to your preferred fabric. 

These kits are great for both beginners and advanced stitchers. It saves you from getting stalled in finding a project and helps you accomplish something. But, there’s more to love about this modern approach to an old form of art. 

• It keeps you from overspending 

Oftentimes, starting a new creative pursuit involves an investment in tools and supplies. When you’re not sure of exactly what you want to create, you can be tempted to buy more than what is necessary. But, for as low as $7, you can already buy an embroidery kit that has all the supplies you need in one package—just add scissors and you are ready to go. You don’t have to worry about overspending or even running out of supplies. 

• It has the right supplies 

Not only do embroidery kits save you from buying supplies you might not need, but they also have the right materials you actually need for the project. Because the supplies have already been sourced, you no longer have to run to an art store near you to get them and end up being disappointed for not finding all the particular colors your project requires.

• It already does half of the job for you 

There’s joy in every step of embroidery—from visualizing the design to sourcing the materials, transferring the pattern to the fabric, stitching, and securing the last stitch. But, if you don’t have the time to do all these or just don’t have an eye for design, you can skip the initial steps by ordering an embroidery kit instead. Here, you also skip the trial and error as the kit designers have already done the job of making sure that the stitches, colors, and layout come together to create a piece that you can love. 

• It saves you from procrastinating 

It’s fun to browse endlessly on Pinterest for inspiration, pinning designs that you’d want to recreate until you realize that you haven’t started anything yet. It’s easy to fall into a rabbit hole every time you’re trying to start a project. But, with an embroidery kit, you know exactly what you’re creating and you have all the supplies to finish it instead of endlessly surfing the web. 

• It maximizes your time at home

There’s never been a better time to pick up some new skills. As we spend more time at home, make embroidery one of them. Embroidery kits include diagrams and solid instructions that will guide you on how to make a variety of stitches. They will not only keep you occupied for hours, but they can also unleash your creativity, which has the benefits of reducing stress and anxiety and providing a sense of pride and accomplishment, just to name a few. 

• It is great for kids, too

Today, children are getting into embroidery as well. With more parents responsible for homeschooling, the art is not only a great activity to keep the kids occupied. It also offers benefits such as improvising their hand-eye coordination, creativity, and self-esteem. It’s also a way to keep them off the screen. 


The possibilities with embroidery kits are endless. In conclusion, an embroidery kit: 

Has all the supplies you need to start embroidery. All that’s left to do is pop the fabric into the hoop and start stitching

Contains enough supply of floss so you don’t have to worry about running short and still have a few extra to build your stash 

Has a detailed guide on how to do a variety of stitches 

Yields an artwork that you can sell, display, or give as a gift 

Keeps you and your kids occupied while at home, while learning a new craft and pushing your skills beyond the limit 

Will you buy an embroidery kit for your next art project? What is it that you love most about embroidery kits?  Let us know by leaving a comment below! 


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