Main Differences between Cheap and Luxury Watches

    Main Differences between Cheap and Luxury Watches
    Main Differences between Cheap and Luxury Watches

    For most individuals that are new to the game, owning and wearing watches that cost a bit more can be the only dominant fact about it. In reality, the differences between a low-cost watch versus a legitimate luxury watch can be quite extensive. Prices of these kinds of watches can go up to several thousands of dollars.

    But besides that, there are also a few more differences that can be discovered between the two.

    How it’s made and what it’s made of

    One of the most prominent things you will notice upon looking at an expensive watch is a few minor details on the outside. How it looks is a clear distinction of the quality you are getting for the amount of money you are paying. 

    The level of craftsmanship will be very apparent for great quality watches. Take Tutima watches for example. Just staring at something that is absolutely beautiful and at the same time, knowing that it has hundreds of small pieces carefully constructed to create a well-functioning watch is mind-boggling.

    Ordinary and low-cost watches are basically easily manufactured. Producing multiple versions of these kinds of watches doesn’t even take as much time since they are mass-produced by machines.


    Essentially, cheaper watches will be made of more affordable materials and have a more simple design. Cheaper crystal materials taken from mineral glass all mean that these watches will be more prone to scratches and other small superficial damages.

    The complete opposite happens for luxury watches that use quality materials that aren’t as sensitive to weak glancing damages. Most of the more pricey watches will be embedded with intricate beveling and designs that are all handmade. Something that cannot be seen on more affordable watches.

    The Mechanics of its Movement

    What makes the watch itself move is also an indicator of how it differs from the other normal types of timepieces. Essentially, there are two basic types of options when it comes to watch movement. These are Mechanical and Quartz.


    Quartz movements are on the side of cheaper, more affordable watches. This is mainly because manufacturing them using quartz is more affordable. Building watches with quartz also doesn’t take too much time and effort. Plus, these things usually last pretty long.

    The catch is, however, even though these are cheap, watches that use quartz have very high accuracy in determining the time.


    Mechanical movement however refers to a movement that is powered by mechanical mechanisms. These do not depend on electricity or quartz crystals. Instead, springs and oscillating balance wheels regulate the movement.

    This style is more prominently used in luxury watches. This adds a bit more level of quality craftsmanship, as utilizing mechanical movement will cost a lot more compared to using quartz. That being said, constructing a miniaturized machine out of small precision gears and parts to create mechanical movement must be expertly and carefully constructed by trained professionals. 

    The mere fact that these small, simple-looking watches need to be assembled by individuals with top levels of skill adds to the cost of these luxury watches. And the need to be collected by those that have really deep pockets.

    In a very general sense, the simpler the movement is to create and manufacture, the cheaper a watch will be. And a mechanical watch will take a lot more time and labor in order to finish t because of the complex mechanical settings and movements that a watchmaker needs to do.


    Keep in mind that there can be times that marketing will also play a role in blowing up the prices of certain things. This also includes watches. Why, though? 

    It’s mostly because of how exclusive it is. Like what was mentioned, cheaper watches are manufactured in masses. But unlike those low-cost ones, luxury watches take time to make. Hence producing them in mass is almost never going to happen.

    Most of these watches will only be produced in the dozens. And for collectors, this level of exclusivity is like a pretty neon light to a moth.


    This may be the only snag in all of this. While high-end watches can be high quality, getting them a bit dirty or damaged can be inevitable. So having them maintained will have to cost a lot as well. Remember that these kinds of watches aren’t as simple as manufactured kinds. These are made by highly skilled individuals. And more often than not, these will also need to be maintained and repaired by these highly skilled individuals.

    For more affordable watches, however, since they are a bit more straight to the point and mass-produced, replacement parts can be abundant. Match that with the very simplified design and build, you can just go to your local watch repairman and have your affordable watch ticking like it was new.

    All these differences however don’t mean that cheaper watches are bad. Depending on you, the timepiece you use for whatever occasion depends on you.

    Cheaper watches can still perform like all other watches. In looks, there is of course a very prominent difference between the two kinds of watches. But again, it all depends on you. Most times, it really would not matter as much. But, if however, you are a collector of sorts, it is still essential you know the differences between the two. As a collector, collecting these luxury watches is considered an investment. Keep in mind that you are dealing with timepieces that are worth more than a few thousand dollars apiece.


    If you want some level of value or finely defined design to help you look more stylish and sophisticated, luxurious watches are the way to go. If you just need a timepiece that will be worn wherever you want to go out and tell you the time whenever you’re out and about doing work, the more affordable kinds of watches will be suited for these. We hope this article helps you in differentiating between cheap and luxury watches.


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