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How to Safely Laundry Designer Clothes

How to Safely Laundry Designer Clothes

Laundry is quite frustrating, much more for fashion enthusiasts. Other than it is a time-consuming task, there are a lot of things to consider. A slight mishap can ruin your favorite designer clothes. 

Several of us only know how to do laundry because of our parents, significant other, or whoever influenced us. But, the question is, are you doing it right?

Here’s a tip on how you should wash your designer clothes. 

  1. Always check the wash label.

Do you put importance in looking at the price of your expensive designer clothes? That how it should also be in checking its wash label– or do you ever? Some are amazed how checking the wash label of every clothes, delicate or not, is necessary. 

If you do not know, the symbols and words you see on the wash label tell the right way to take care of them. If the tag forbids a laundry practice, you will see a big X on the symbol. Some even have “dry clean only” tags. If you see this tag, you have to bring your designer clothes to the nearest dry cleaning expert.

Follow the directions on the tag. You have to ensure the do’s and don’ts especially when you are washing a delicate garment.

  1. Pre-Treat Stains Immediately

It’s a golden rule– do not let a stain settle. Immediately do a pre-treatment. Acting quickly on a stain makes a difference. Taking action on the stain prevents it from settling deeper into the fabric. You can wet the stains with plain water or use natural stain removers available at home.

When you buy designer clothes, check the best natural stain remover for its type of fabric. Do not immediately use stain removers without knowing about its fabric. You might do more harm than good.

  1. Do Not Store Clothes Inside Plastic

Some only wear their designer clothes on occasions. Because of their sentimental value, you want to store them to preserve their optimum condition. If you want to keep your clothes, do not place them in plastic garment bags.

Plastic bags break down over time, and it will affect the condition of your clothes fabric. It will result in color discoloration.

Moreover, the trapped humidity will result in mildew damage. Let your clothes breathe. Instead, wrap them in a plain cotton sheet or cloth garment bag.

  1. If It’s “Dry Clean Only,” Do Not Do It At Home

Clothes with “dry clean only” should be taken seriously. Most designer clothes are made from exquisite fabrics. Thus, they should be treated with love and care. Neglecting this wash label will totally damage your clothes.

Do not wash them with regular clothes. Doing so results in shrinkage, discoloration, and wear and tear from the washing machine. It makes the fabric wear out faster.

Thus, if it’s “dry clean only”, bring your designer clothes to the dry cleaning experts.

  1. Air Dry Delicate Clothes

It is risky to dry your clothes in a dryer machine. The heat may be intolerable for the delicate garments. Air dry them or hang them on a clothesline. This drying method may take time. It may go over an hour to half a day. But, that’s fine as long as your expensive, delicate clothes are safe.

Final Thoughts

No one wants clothes with fabric wear outs, color fade, or undone hems– especially if your clothes are worth thousands of dollars. You have to keep them as good-looking as possible. You do not have to worry about everything because there are laundry experts you can call whenever. But, even so, if you have a backup, you have to know these tips to preserve their good condition.

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