How to Prepare for Breast Augmentation


Sydney is 1580-kilometerlong from one end to another, two times bigger than New York. There are more than 250 spoken languages in Sydney, with English as the most widely spoken. Despite being the 12th most expensive place to live across the globe, Sydney welcomes over 14 million visitors every year, both internationally and domestically. One thing that is consistently on the rise in Sydney is cosmetic surgery, and breast augmentation is on top of the list.

Breast augmentation surgery (or augmentation mammoplasty) is performed to change the appearance of breasts. A plastic surgeon uses sacs, referred to as implants, to increase breast fullness. If you believe that your breasts are developing asymmetrically, losing their volume due to aging or pregnancy, or too small for your liking, you may seriously consider  an enhancement of the breast. For this,  may be the perfect solution for you.

Who are the best candidates?

These are specific requirements that specialist plastic surgeons consider when classifying patients for breast enhancement. In general, they need the patient:

  • To be physically healthy and have a normal weight.
  • To have a good understanding of this plastic surgery procedure with realistic goals.
  • Not breastfeeding or pregnant
  • Not smoking
  • To be 18 years old for saline breast implants and 22 years old for silicone implants.

How to prepare for breast augmentation surgery?

The initial step is to consult with a cosmetic plastic surgeon and learn about breast implants. Ask questions regarding the number of surgeries you may need, typical results, benefits, risks, complications, recovery time, etc. It is also essential to discuss the cost of the plastic surgery procedure, as certain factors affect this, such as your needs. 

The plastic surgeon will conduct a breast examination prior to your surgery. The medical practitioner may also require a mammogram and a blood test. 

The night before your breast augmentation surgery, the surgeon will need you to have an empty stomach. You may also stop taking medications several days before the surgery, for example, Coumadin, Advil, and aspirin. This is because taking medications may cause bleeding. It is best to inform your cosmetic surgeon about any medications you are taking, including herbs, vitamins, supplements, over-the-counter or prescription drugs. Also, let them know if you have a bleeding disorder in the past. 

If you are a smoker, your doctor will likely ask you to stop smoking for about six weeks before undergoing breast augmentation. Smoking tends to impact the size of the blood vessels, causing less oxygen and blood circulation. It may lead to complications if you are getting breast implants, resulting in blood clots, delayed healing, tissue death, pneumonia, or heart attack. 

Once your doctor sees you as a good candidate for breast augmentation and schedules you for surgery, you must rest properly and have a clear mind frame a few days before. 

The location of the breast implant surgery

A specialist in breast augmentation sydney may perform the surgery in an outpatient medical centre or at a hospital.The plastic surgeon may use medicines to help numb the area (local anesthesia) or keep you totally unconscious (general anesthesia). Many patients go home the day of the surgical procedure itself.

Bring a change of clothing if you stay overnight at the facility or hospital or want a fresh, comfortable outfit going home. You would also need additional help to drive you home and to do things around the house. So, make the necessary arrangements for at least 2-3 days post-surgery. 

Equipped with enough knowledge about what to expect after the breast augmentation sydney procedure it would be easier for you to go through the recovery process. The food you eat after the surgery can speed up the healing period. Also, get plenty of rest and look forward to your new breasts.

Breast augmentation can give you many benefits, and one of them is boosting your confidence as your appearance is transformed. You can achieve the desired results, especially if you are a suitable candidate and have realistic expectations. Having a clear knowledge of the surgery and preparing yourself physically and mentally can help give you successful breast implants, eventually achieving your aesthetic goals. 


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