Helpful Ways to Boost Creative and Imaginative Thinking When You Don’t Have New Ideas


For creative thinkers, there’s nothing worse than writer’s block or the inability to brainstorm new ideas. However, because we are only human, it’s normal for inspiration not to strike at every waking moment. Let’s take a look at some of the most helpful ways to get your creative juices flowing in a dry spell.

Trade your current environment for a different one

If you’ve been unable to conjure up anything useful lately, you may want to take your brainstorming to a different location. Why not trade your desk for a park bench, or your bed for the beach? By leaving your comfort zone, you may find just what you need to get that spark back.

Also, moving around makes us aware of different aspects of setting that we may not be accustomed to. For example, certain features of nature like the breeze, sky, or animals may give you unprecedented moments of revelation. Even watching people’s interactions or hearing their conversations in public places might help you get new ideas, as well as provide you with a chance to breathe fresh air.

Wander around your local bookstore

What better place to gain inspiration than amongst thousands of well-crafted titles and works by classic authors? If you live near a large or locally owned bookstore, take the time to explore the images and words of other people who share your creative industry. If books aren’t really your thing, explore one of your city or town’s museums or art galleries. Admiring works of creative expression can undoubtedly help inspire or fuel your own creativity.

Go for a run

There’s never been a situation where going on a quick run isn’t a good idea. Everyone knows that exercising releases endorphins in your brain and endorphins make you happy! If you’ve been overwhelmed lately due to your lack of creativity, venture outdoors and sweat out the stress. Put on some headphones and listen to your favorite music, or run without tunes and just enjoy the peacefulness of nature. So, what are you waiting for? Get comfortable in the best workout gear and head on out the door!

Play strategic games 

Often when you are stuck in a creative rut, the best way to get yourself out of it is to focus your mind on a different activity or goal. Although it may be difficult to turn your complete attention to something else, this practice will be more powerful than you think for potential new sparks of inspiration later on.

One of the ways to revitalize your mind is by playing strategic games like poker, chess, or even sudoku in a digital environment. Because each of these games require their own levels of patience, creativity, logic, reasoning skills, and brain power, playing them online will help to light up different areas of the mind that may not have been active during your previous imaginative process.

If you’re worried about extracting too much mental energy, don’t despair. The straightforward learning process associated with the strategic game of poker will assist even beginner players in their online journey. In the same way, user-friendly guides demonstrating how to play chess can assist players quickly and easily in just a short online session. Engaging in strategic games like these have proven to strengthen a person’s creative thinking, making them more able to come up with new ideas in a fresh way.

Let your mind rest

Finally, perhaps the greatest way to instigate further inspiration is by resting your mind. If you’ve worked hard all day and still can’t manage to come up with anything, it may be a good idea to try again tomorrow. Off days are vital to maintaining creative strength. Get a good night’s rest without thinking about the task at hand and simply start over the next day.

Meditating can also help to empty your mind, creating the space to fill it with new ideas


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