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150+Hair Company Name Ideas


Hair extension is one of the top fashion trends now. Women all over the world are hitting spas and salons to get their hair treated and extended. It seems like hair extension is one of the ranging fashion trends. No wonder they look beautiful, however, doing them requires a certain amount of skill set.find Hair Company Name Ideas

So, if you have the required skills to make it as a hairstylist, opening a hair extension business is a fine idea. However, setting up a business requires quite a few things to look into. For starters, finding the appropriate business name. To that end, you will require a pool of hair company name ideas.

Hair WondersHairbeaHair Ethereal
Hair FunkHair EnchantressHair Hypnotizing
Hair VernalHair IntrigueHair Lambent
Hair PhoenixHair PrismaticHair Lavish
Hair PamperHair DahliaHair Antheia
Hair MarvelHair HummingbirdHairegy
Hair RavishHair FreyaHair Enchanting
HairlyHair ScintillantHairgenix
HairquipoHair MadonnaHair Regenerate
Hair ElevatedHair OrchidHair Miraculous

This might seem like a challenge since this is not an unidentified field. A lot of extension businesses are operating, and if you wish to make a mark for yourself in this industry, you need to look into some peppy hair business names ideas. 

Hair Company Name Ideas
Hair Company Name Ideas

But fear not, we are here to make the task easy for you. Below is a complete list of ideas that you can get inspiration from. So, let’s check them out.

 Hair extension names:

Wigs Beauty Supply Angel Hair Care Magnificent Weaves Mark Goddess Hair Extensions Curl Me Crazy
The Curly Stop Dreamers Salon House of Extensions Elegant Comb Virgin Hair Company
Beauty Station Scissors & Razors The Curly Lady The Hair Wizard Fusion Locks Company
The Weave Parlour Hair Braiding Salon Hair Dreams All-Natural Beauty The Colour Palette
Beauty by Edge Home Beauty Extensions Fashion Hair Extension Weaves Specialist Virgin Hair Salon
Hair KissableHair CompleteHair Rhea
Hair OceanHairnHair Ablaze
Hair WowHair FantasyHair Illuminating
Hair ContourHair EmpressHairnetic
HairlyticalHairzillaHair Luring
Hair BanishHairfluentHair Plush
Hair VenustHair ReignHairlada
Hair BlendedHair CaptivateHair Angelic
Hair BunnyHairarcHairster
Hair ProfuseHair BeholdHair Deep

But selecting names is not the end of it. As per the rules of business, coping business names can bring a negative impact on a business. Plagiarism is bad be it in any industry. Thus it’s essential to come up with names and business ideas that are original.

While it’s possible to create a customized business idea for a given business, can you do the same with names? Well, of course. All you need to do is follow a few rules to get it done.

Rules of naming hair extension business:

Hair Company Name Ideas
Hair Company Name Ideas

Choosing a creative name for your business can yield you results in a very short period of time. Note, that a business name contributes directly to the results.

Choosing a business name is not that difficult. You just need to know certain tips which makes the process easy.

Hair IntrigueHair ChakraHair Daisy
Hair RayHair OnyxHair Blaze
Hair DreamyHair LilacHair Luxuriate
Hair ElementsHair OpacityHair Victoria
Hair RitualHair GlamourHair Lily
Hair FunkHair ReverenceHair Infatuate
Hair GlamHair BeguilingHair Renewing
Hair BewitchHair AttractorHair Rebalance
Hair ReignHair AdoringHair Quaint
Hair DazzleHair IdolizeHair Dusk

Brainstorm business names:

This is the first step. In this step, all you need to do is find a few keywords related to your hair business.

Try to come up with as many options and variations as possible. The more options you have the more choices you will have to decide from. You can also use a hair extension name generator to give you more ideas.


After the brainstorming session is complete, its time to shortlist the names. In this stage lose the long and boring names. As a rule of thumb, start your shortlisting process a few days later. That way you will have more time to think about the names.

Create something unique:

As mentioned earlier, the names you select must be unique. If you simply copy a competitor’s name, your customers will feel that your business is an extension of another brand. Now, you don’t want that. Thus do your research and make sure your business name is nowhere similar to that of a competitor’s brand.

Simple and short:

Make sure the name you select is simple and short. People get attracted to names that are short and easy to remember. Too many words and a long name can create confusion and thus must be avoided.

Hair FoxHair FountainHair Elements
Hair LolaHair HarpHair Monroe
Hair OraHair DiamondHair Boudoir
Hair FormulaHair BrightHair Hot
Hair AchieveHair WondersHair Adele
Hair CapriHair DianaHair Accentuate
Hair LuringHair LuxeHair Vivid
Hair KittenHair BrightnessHair Kissable
Hair BlurredHair DeluxeHair Venust
Hair LitHair VenustHair Lola

It’s possible to come across unique names by combining different words. However, make sure that the words make sense.

 Wig company names:

With the tips mentioned above choosing a name to your likes that will benefit your business will not be difficult. But to inspire you further, here are a few more name idea for you to look into.

Beauty N Shine Salon Braids Weaves and Things All Sewn Up Hair Couture Weave Boutique Creative Creations
Essence of Braiding Glam Curlz Weaves Good Tress Epic Looks Salon Elite Hair Studio
Gorgeous Braids & Weaves Hair Works I Am Natural Beauty Hair Weaving Concepts Just Extensions
Mane Elegance Let Me Braid Simply a Lady Virgin Hair Over the Top Hair Loving Locks Weaves
Style Ahead Designs The Weave Bar The Weave Express Super Weave Xpress Threadz Weave Salon

Hair business is sure to flourish in the days to come. Prepare for the same with some with amazing names that can take your business over the top!

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