Guidelines You Have to Know Before Buying Your Intraoral Camera

Intraoral Camera

Good oral health care is very important not just to have that perfect captivating smile but also for one’s overall health. By caring for the gums, teeth, tongue, hard and soft palate, and salivary glands every day, risks of having oral infections tend to decrease, protecting the body from having tooth decay, gingivitis, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and respiratory disease in the long run. An effective way to do that is by visiting the oral experts every 3 to 4 months.

A dentist is an oral expert who diagnoses oral problems, treats oral concerns, and manages one’s overall oral health. To be efficient and effective in providing the best service possible, these experts use different gadgets and equipment to help them do their job better. One of these gadgets is the intraoral camera

What is an intraoral camera?

A dental intraoral camera is a gadget that dentists use to see the insides of their patient’s mouth. The small photographic device could take digital images of the corners of the mouth so everyone, including the patient and medical staff, could see it. Through this camera, even the smallest area can be zoomed in clearly. Without it, dentists would have a harder time accurately checking the oral cavity for possible problems and provide their patients with the best treatment or procedure they will need.

What is its purpose and benefit? 

  • Gives the patient a better understanding of his situation

Since the camera also provides a clear image to the patient as much as it gives enough information needed by the dentist, patients can better understand their oral conditions. As the dentist pinpoints the problem, he will also have a clearer glimpse of what the expert is talking about and, at the same time, would have more confidence in what he is saying. This alleviates the trust patients have towards their dentist.

  • Great help with the documentation

An intraoral camera provides images and video files that can be saved for the patient’s case documentation. By keeping documentation of the treatment, it would be easier to track the progress of the treatment or identify whether or not the medication is effective and working on the patient. 

  • Greater visibility of the corners of the mouth

With this camera, experts can see all the corners of one’s mouth with incredible detail. This gadget makes it easier for them to inspect their patient’s oral cavity if they suffer from fractured teeth, cavities, carious lesions, or whatever issues they may be experiencing without them knowing. Some cameras even have zoom features up to 25 times. Images are displayed in a monitor for patients and experts to see.

What are the things to consider in choosing the best camera in the market? 

  • Resolution

In whatever model and kind of camera, the resolution is a crucial feature that buyers should consider. The higher the resolution, the better. High-resolution cameras promise a higher quality of pictures and videos produced. It also displays less pixelated photos, which can be very beneficial to the dentist’s output. 

  • Image software

There are so many imaging software and cameras available in the market nowadays. But not all can work together. So, make sure to check whether or not both of your tools work together with ease. 

Aside from the resolution and image software, there are still other things that you should consider before purchasing your very own camera. These are the camera’s focal distance, light source, capture button, USB connectivity, artifacts, and depth of field.


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