Great Cat Breeds for First Time Owners


    Getting your first cat or any pet for that matter is a big decision that can overwhelm anyone if you made the wrong choice especially if you are a busy person with a tight schedule or imagine cats as independent companions with very little maintenance.

    However, not all cats’ breeds are the same and all breeds vary in temperament, grooming needs, and health maintenance which makes the decision of choosing the breed of your pet aside from making the choice of type of animal very important.

    If you are a first-time owner it is important that you choose a cat breed that is relatively low maintenance compared to other cat breeds and needs little training for them to grow properly.  Click here for more information on animal training including training of companion animals.

    You might also be switching from owning a dog to owning a cat or plan on having both pets, in that case, it would be a great idea to find a cat that has dog-like characteristics for a shorter adjustment period both for you and your future pet.

    Cat Breeds For Beginners

    The First is the Maine Coon Breed which has the reputation of being dog-like because of its personality and characteristics.

    Physically the Maine Coon is a large cat breed with a distinctive physical appearance characterized by a ruff along its broad chest, an uneven two-layered smooth and shaggy coat, robust structure, and a long bushy tail.

    Despite its long coat and bushy tail, this breed does not need any special or extra care as long as you groom it regularly preferably twice a week to remove dead hair.

    The Maine Coon is known to be a gentle giant because of its personality, it is extremely loyal to its owner and the family, it is cautious of strangers but is not aggressive, and is known to be affectionate. While being affectionate and playful, the Maine Coon is independent and not too clingy and is not known to be a lap cat.

    Because of its gentleness towards others, this breed is also known for being great for those that already have household pets like other cats and even dogs. It is also great for children because of its playfulness and gentleness.

    However, do not expect the Maine Coon to be a quiet cat, it is known to be vocal and frequently makes load vocalization just like the closely related Norwegian Forest Cat. This link: contains more information on the closely related Norwegian Forest Cat Breed.

    The next is the Exotic Shorthair which is a breed specifically developed as the short-haired counterpart of the popular Persian Cat.

    Unlike the Persian Cat, the Exotic Shorthair is not high maintenance as its short fair needs only the regular amount of grooming to remove excess, loose and dead hair. But because of its face, the tear ducts are prone to overflowing but can be easily remedied by regularly wiping the cat’s face with a moistened cloth.

    Exotic shorthairs are known for their gentle and calm personality like the Persian Cat but are more active. This breed tends to be curious and playful and unlike the Maine Coon, it is not independent, clingy and the definition of a lap cat

    This comes with the advantage of the Persian being more loyal and affectionate than other cat breeds and is friendly with other pet animals.

    The gentle and calm nature of Exotic Shorthair makes it ideal for those that are living in an apartment or the city.

    The third is the Ragdoll Breed. The Ragdoll is another large breed that can weigh up to 20 pounds if you get a male. It has a soft and silky coat that is semi-long. Physically this breed is known for the V-Shape mark on its forehead, blue round eyes, soft coat, and bushy tail

    The Ragdoll is very well-known for being docile, gentle, and placid in temperament but is affectionate. They like following their owners around the house which makes it dog-like and being on the lap whenever the opportunity arises. This breed is generally seen as easy to handle.

    Despite their placid and docile temperament the Ragdoll can be playful and are physically strong but it is not recommended to let the Ragdoll outside to enjoy physical activities.

    Caring for the Ragdoll is not a chore because it has a very little undercoat that makes sit less likely to shed and to mat. Grooming twice a week by combing to remove excess and long hair that can cause tangles and dead hair is recommended.

    The fourth is the Siamese Cat which is a popular cat and is one of the most well-known Asian cat breeds that is native to Thailand which was formerly known as Siam.

    Physically this breed is characterized by its long and slender body, a triangular head, large ears, and short coat.

    The Siamese is known for being intelligent, very affectionate, and friendly. This breed is often described as extroverts and often forms a strong bond with one person despite their desire to be near all people. This makes it inadvisable to leave the Siamese alone for prolonged periods of time.

    This breed is easily cared for because of its short and fine coat and is generally content with being an indoor cat.

    To conclude owning a cat is a great choice if you need companionship or looking for a pet for the family as many breeds are friendly, gentle, and affectionate. It is also ideal for those with a busy schedule as felines holistapet are generally less clingy than dogs.

    Some breeds complement those that already have dogs as they along with other pets and are described as already being dog-like.


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