899+Unique Game Company Names

Game Company Names
Game Company Names

Video games are fun and full of entertainment. This is the era of video Game Company Names. Is there anyone who says NO to games? I don’t find anyone.

From kids to adults everyone enjoys playing games. Apart from fun, it is business.

There are countless video game studios in the market. Digital sales of games are more profitable than disc sales. The name of the company, the company logo attract more customers and get recognition in the market.

So here are some catchy and creative names and ideas for your company to create your unique brand.

Good Names For Games

Names are crucial for creating a brand. Here are some good and creative names for your companies.

Domain GameCubed GameCompanyologyLegends Company
Stack CompanyOmega GamePredator CompanyGamesy
Syndicate CompanyGamenController GameCyper Game
GamefluentIndicator GameGamevioIntellect Company
Freak CompanyLevel CompanyWalker CompanyBattle Company
Bit GameQualified CompanyVirtuoso GameGameporium
Power GameData GameHavoc GameCompanyzoid
Phoenix CompanyCompanybiaGameadriNoob Game
Managed CompanyAction GameNovus CompanyEvil Company
Lazer GameAcuity CompanyGamejetGamearo
Kawaii GameGameishVice GameLock Company
Fighter CompanyLore GameTactic CompanyAllocate Company
Outright CompanyMage GameIntel GameJelly Company
GamesioCombo CompanyNixon GameMod Game
Redux CompanyOverdrive GameGameellaFleet Company
GamelyWired CompanyCompanyarcMine Game
Review CompanyBoss CompanyAlt GameKingdom Company
CompanyquipoLucky GameMach CompanySecure Company
Turbo GamePort GameSquared CompanyMotion Company
Up GameEpic CompanySociety CompanyAdvocate Company
CompanyaroObelisk GameAir CompanyHyper Company
Clash CompanyInfo CompanySonic CompanyLegends Game
Fury CompanyDirection GameGameopediaDevelop Company
CompanyladaSlayer GamePoint GameSpirit Game
Backbone GameShadow GameChaos GameBot Game
Good Names For Games
Good Names For Games
  • The Interesting Stream
  • West master Entertainment
  • Wise Wave Elements
  • Inspired Gaming Group
  • Adventurer’s Guild Café
  • Ronona Game Co.
  • Star Cave Game Co.
  • A Store of Fire and Dice
  • Dark Storm Entertainment
  • Prim Elite Game Co.
  • Smith Crown Game Co.
  • Morron Way Games
  • Blue Bliss Game Store
  • Next Galaxy Games
  • Pixel Render Game Co.
  • Chess Table
  • Angel Lane
  • Get Gaming
  • Secret Dragon
  • Nerd Base

Game Name Ideas

Here is the list of best and unique game names.

Raider GameChallenge CompanyDirect GameGen Company
Intuition GameMecha CompanyFuel CompanyMobile Company
Boom CompanyShoot CompanyBit CompanyTactics Company
Review CompanyAcumen GameElectric CompanyPath Game
Franchise CompanySamurai CompanyGlobal GameAutomate Game
Secure CompanyOrigin GameComman GameSonic Company
Spire GameBeacon CompanyCube CompanyFramework Game
Wings CompanyLife GameSky GameSpeed Company
Nintendo GameVideogames GameGoliath CompanyPrincipal Game
Auto CompanyPerformance CompanyLucky GameStudios Company
Enigma CompanyAssociation GameOptimize CompanyMojo Company
Bet CompanyScript CompanyInfinity CompanySynergist Game
Insight CompanyGamer GameFission CompanyCondition Game
Kill GameAssassin CompanyDisrupter GameKing Game
Aprt CompanyConnect GameMach CompanyPortal Game
Joker GameZone GameWired GameSniper Game
Plan CompanyInfo CompanyEvolve GameFox Game
Synthetic GamePursue CompanyCrusader CompanyRush Company
Affliction GamePoint GameHunter GamePacific Game
Survey CompanyWare GamePing GameOdyssey Game
Level CompanyAgent GameBoard CompanyLore Company
Wired CompanyGen GameDestroy CompanyTotal Game
Accent GameDetect CompanyCitadel CompanyImmense Company
Dice GameParagon CompanyRoyale GameClub Company
Mag CompanyAssassin GameSmite GameBastion Company
Game Name Ideas
Game Name Ideas
  • Fun Pulse Entertainment
  • White Myth Entertainment
  • Good Minute Entertainment
  • West master Entertainment
  • Epic Degree Entertainment
  • Fun Storm Entertainment
  • Good Funk Entertainment
  • Zero Loft Entertainment
  • Swiss Hexa Studios
  • A Brown Fox Games
  • Fun Shades Studios
  • Able Hippo Games
  • Goosi Poosi Entertainment
  • Zip Feet Entertainment
  • Classy Coats Game Store
  • SpringBing Game Co.
  • Vivid Buddy Game Co.
  • Blue Bliss Game Store
  • De Messa Game Store
  • Pixie Array Game Store
  • Velvet Way Game Co.

Gaming Community Names

Binary GameBoard GameVirtuoso GameNation Company
Module CompanyTask GameActivator GameSim Company
Secure GameAccelerate CompanyNixon GameBuff Company
Fox CompanySniper GameIconic CompanyArrange Game
Veritas GameHero CompanyCornerstone CompanyIntellect Game
Dynasty CompanyRubicon CompanyAcumen GameDisrupter Company
Bound GameQuest CompanyArtificial CompanyAltitude Company
Operation GamePixel CompanyOverwatch GameCheck Company
Rage GameExpression CompanyAltitude GameRevolution Game
Synergy GameCleric GameStrive GameData Company
Unison GameOtaku CompanyHunt GameMafia Game
Gen CompanyDestroy GameCEO CompanySniper Company
Pursue GameShadow CompanyUnholy CompanySociety Company
Stack CompanyChrome CompanySaga CompanyFortress Game
Evil GameSynergist CompanyClan CompanyEagle Company
Wire CompanyFantasy CompanyObelisk CompanyWar Company
Electric CompanySurvival CompanyFrame GameLoop Game
System CompanyGen GameWire CompanyIntegration Game
App CompanyPassage GameRank GameCitadel Company
Edge GameFrost GamePlan GameStrive Company
Board CompanyModule GameInvest CompanyFusion Game
Hunter CompanyKawaii GameSprint GameSprite Company
Crusader GameEpic GameOverwrite GameBot Game
Bullet GameLinear CompanyAlpha CompanyWorldwide Game
Mage CompanyShadow CompanyPak GameTap Game

Here are some cool-sounding gaming community names.

Gaming Community Names
Gaming Community Names
  • Last Men Standing
  • Bringers of Disorder
  • The Grumbling Gangsters
  • Enemy Number One
  • The Psycho Bunch
  • All Bruised Up
  • The Curious Clans
  • No Mercy Players
  • The Killing Savages
  • Brotherhood of the Immortals
  • The Hyped Up Gang
  • Blood Thirsty Squad
  • Risky Sharp shooters
  • Adrenaline Filled Gangsters
  • The Heroic Bunch
  • The Present Terminators
  • Checking Everything Out
  • Team Wide Awake
  • Divide and Conquer
  • In This To Win This

Top Video Game Company

Here are the top video game companies. Check them for some inspiration.

Challenge GameCyber GameFuel GameGenius Game
Desk CompanyIntelligence GameEngineered GameRogue Game
Bros CompanyPillar CompanyZombie GamePoint Company
Advocate GameWire CompanySystems GameEvo Game
Accelerate CompanyGladiator CompanyAgent CompanyRoyale Company
Force CompanyMojo GameAutomate CompanySystem Company
Framework GameIconic GameSource GameManaged Company
Relic CompanyCorporation CompanyAcuity CompanyBeam Game
Command CompanyDock GameBeacon GameDudes Game
Decide GamePro GameMajor CompanyClash Game
Assassin GameChaos CompanyCyber CompanyVirtual Company
Bandit GameDual GameAssassin CompanyDirection Company
Core CompanySmash CompanyTotal GameHotline Company
Hunt GameAbstract CompanyBlast GameVirtuoso Game
Force GameKawaii GameZone GameIncubator Game
Summit GameCookie CompanyVideogame CompanyFleet Company
Free Fire CompanyLink CompanyScope GamePowerhouse Game
Crack GameUpgrade GameZone CompanyLevel Company
Battle CompanyQuest GameNixon GameImmense Company
Geek CompanyEngine CompanyCombo GameBinary Game
Royal CompanyNetwork GameRush GameAlpha Game
Acumen CompanyScope GameCombine GameSmart Company
Raider CompanyDope GameFrame GameReview Company
Dawn CompanyPost GameModel GameVice Game
Orc GameSystems GameExcel CompanyLink Game
Top Video Game Company
Top Video Game Company
  • Valve Corporation
  • Six3Six Studios LLC
  • PopCap Games Inc.
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • Media Elements
  • Level Up Gaming Inc.
  • Large Animal Games
  • Game Guys
  • ForgeWare Inc.
  • Forest Giant
  • Fire Hose Games
  • Filament Games LLC
  • Electronic Arts
  • Demiurge Studios
  • Code Particle Inc.
  • Brainy Chick Inc.
  • Bouncing Pixel
  • Blockdot Inc.
  • Blizzard Entertainment
  • Black Lantern Studios
  • Big Fish Games
  • Bethesda Softworks LLC

Cool Video Game Names

Here are some cool and catchy video game names. You can check them for inspiration.

Legends GameFanatic CompanyKart CompanySuperhero Game
Reboot GameCloud CompanyIntel GameBound Game
Otaku GameWired CompanyVista CompanyEngineered Game
Paladin GameSpire GameChroma CompanyPixel Company
Space GameEpic GameHyper GameSaga Game
Advocate GameInternational CompanySpirit GameSurge Game
Alpha CompanyWire CompanyBot CompanyTactics Game
Hover GameNetwork CompanyEvo CompanyScope Game
Switch GameSynthetic CompanyAkimbo CompanyPowerhouse Game
Catalyst GameBoard CompanyMine GameCritical Company
Citadel CompanyQualified GameHunter GameBoot Company
Sky CompanyDevelop CompanyAcuity GameBackbone Company
Conquer GameEvil GameDuel GameDirect Company
Globe GameCombo GameMod GameScript Game
Mojo CompanySlayer CompanyContinuum CompanyAffliction Game
Advocate CompanyTruth CompanyRazer CompanyUpgrade Company
Macro CompanyZone GamePirate CompanyBullet Game
Globe CompanyWings CompanyHack CompanyRaven Company
Acuity CompanyParamount GamePoe CompanyVengeance Game
Level CompanyTitan GameMarvel CompanySouls Company
Sonic CompanyIntellect CompanyChallenge CompanyVista Company
Infinity CompanyEngage CompanyOperator CompanyForce Company
Ware GameModule CompanyWizard CompanyShaman Game
Altitude CompanyShadow GameArrowhead CompanyImpulse Company
Programmatic CompanyHydra GameCube CompanyExecutive Game
Cool Video Game Names
Cool Video Game Names
  • Show Great Game Store
  • Glad Wish Game Store
  • Urban Play Game Store
  • Three Wave Game Store
  • AdornJoy Game Co.
  • Star Cave Game Co.
  • Locossa Game Store
  • Smith Crown Game Co.
  • Urban Wave Game Store
  • Colo Favour Game Store
  • Vivid Esse Game Store
  • Sky Scrap Game Store
  • Blazeberry Game Store
  • Game Shuttle
  • Far Bewond Game Co.
  • Pixel Render Game Co.
  • Random Play
  • Merlyn Game Co.
  • Coronna Game Co.
  • CastleCrew
  • East Start Game Co.
  • GreatStex

Online Gaming Companies

Here is the list of top gaming companies.

Poe CompanyIndicator GamePrincipal CompanyCrusader Game
Fighter CompanyRubicon GamePursue GameNixon Game
Boss GameCreed CompanyClimax CompanyAnchor Company
Executive CompanyFrame CompanyWings CompanySquad Company
Mono CompanyModular GameAlgorithm GameHack Game
Mortal GameDigital GameOri CompanyConsultant Game
Dice GameBeam GameDirection CompanyCatalyst Game
Destroy CompanyFusion CompanyNixon CompanyLink Game
Hunt GameSamurai GameEvo GameArrow Game
Iconic CompanyInsight CompanyDestructor CompanyWorld Game
Intuition GameAcumen CompanyCombine GameBoom Game
Post GamePower GameRelic CompanyOptimal Game
Air GameMecha GameDemon GameInfinity Game
Drift CompanyIlluminate CompanyPunish CompanyVista Game
Spar GameFreeze CompanyGladiator CompanyWise Game
Lazer GameOffense GameAdvance CompanyEstate Game
Principal GameAccess CompanyStealth GameBlood Game
Dynasty CompanyDigital CompanyKey CompanyWired Company
Quest GamePower CompanyAuthority GameInfinite Game
Critical CompanyChess GameIncubator GameBros Company
Alliance GameFury GameMecha GameWired Company
Flash CompanyGeek CompanyTime GameReboot Game
Royale GameDual CompanyLazer GameReliance Company
Insight CompanyBound GameInternational CompanySpace Game
Impulse GameHunter GameCitadel CompanySimulation Game
Online Gaming Companies
Online Gaming Companies
  • Koei Tecmo Holdings Co Ltd
  • Microsoft
  • Mixi Inc
  • Mobile Factory Inc
  • GungHo Online Entertainment Inc
  • Skillz Inc 
  • Super League Gaming 
  • Square Enix Holdings Co Ltd
  • Take-Two Interactive Software Inc
  • Tencent Holdings Ltd
  • Epic games
  • FaZe Clan
  • Luminosity
  • Modern Times Group (MTG)
  • Bandai Namco Holdings Inc

Unique Gaming Names

Here is the list of unique Game Company Names.

Shock CompanySurface GameNoob GamePhoenix Company
Sprint GameSign CompanyGlobe CompanyCrimson Company
Arrow CompanyOrigin CompanyWind GameShift Game
Luminous GameMine CompanyRaider GameFortress Game
Interactive CompanyEdge GameVice GameDigital Company
Accent GameTalent GameBros GameRoyale Company
Script GameDestructor GameOperation CompanyNet Company
Joker CompanyOutright GameDeadshot GameBet Company
Rank GameImpulse CompanyPing CompanyAugur Company
Acquire CompanyDynasty CompanyTrained GameBrillant Game
Cookie GameFramework GameWatchtower GameAlly Company
Allied CompanyProgression CompanyBoss CompanyConsulting Company
Mobile GameMind GameOperation GameTactics Game
Info GameHonor CompanyVengeance CompanyGuard Game
Pixel CompanyBlade GameGladiator GameMono Company
Acuity GameIlluminate CompanyBoard CompanyAir Game
Mod CompanyLogic GameTap GameGamer Game
Ability GameDecision GameCrusader CompanyCrusade Company
Assault GameRubicon CompanyDeadshot CompanyFrame Game
Razor CompanyDigital GameOverdrive GameDruid Game
Machine GamePoe GameMicro CompanyCombo Game
Mana GameSecure CompanyRogue CompanyAuthority Game
Otaku CompanyComplete CompanyKey GameDomain Company
Principal GameLevel CompanyGuardian GameQualified Company
Detect CompanyStrive GameInfinite CompanyMafia Company
Unique Gaming Names
Unique Gaming Names
  • Your Pick Entertainment
  • Adventures for All Gaming
  • Increda Entertainment
  • Complete Controller
  • Rayleigh Computer Shop
  • Urban Trail Elements
  • You Pick Entertainment
  • Play Games
  • Arcade Alpha Gaming
  • Go Go Gaming
  • BuddyHexa
  • Cappa Cale Game Co.
  • Play It Again
  • We Fix PC
  • Open Game
  • Bloody World
  • Apptunix
  • Two Dude Studios
  • Krazy Kross Games
  • Next Gen
  • Gamer Gallery

Good Gamer Names

For players, their name represents their brand in the play studio. Here are some good gamer names.

Structure GameStrike GamePhoenix GameRedux Game
Nest GameEnterprise GameParamount CompanySaga Company
King GameStrive CompanyGraphics CompanySolo Company
Blood CompanyAdvance GameCalibre CompanyCloud Company
Poke CompanyModule GameLethal CompanyMega Game
Ace GameEmpire GameSquared CompanySurvey Company
Consult GameAdapt GameChip GameCorp Company
Arclight CompanyCombo CompanyOutlook CompanyTetra Game
Paladin CompanyHalo CompanyIntuition GameNoob Game
Fighter CompanyFrost GameInfo GameHydra Company
Digital CompanyHonor CompanyAddict CompanySolar Company
Mob CompanyTeam CompanyRaider GameProfessional Game
Interactive CompanyDetermined CompanyOperate GameVoid Game
Souls GameBet CompanyFantasy GameIntel Company
Systems CompanySystems GameMach GameShot Company
Dawn GameDecide CompanyImpulse GameDark Game
Crimson GameNintendo CompanyBot GameBoss Game
Survival GameInsight GameAcknowledged CompanyDeadshot Game
Council CompanyWired CompanyExecutive GameEnigma Game
Acknowledged GameDesk CompanyTap CompanyCornerstone Company
Fleet CompanyOro GameLeague GameBoss Company
Combo CompanyVideogame CompanySurvey GameCrusade Game
Royale CompanyAkimbo GameAgile CompanyMafia Company
Sign CompanySense GameSignature GameSensor Game
Augur GameOrc CompanySpire CompanySiege Company
Good Gamer Names
Good Gamer Names
  • Winner Winner
  • Never Forgive
  • Lost Mine
  • Rockstar
  • Looters
  • Scribbly Lightning
  • Good Bad Boy
  • Salad Squad
  • Butterscotch Seven
  • Mood Hacker
  • Noobz Gamer
  • DoughboyBoy
  • Alone Walker
  • Elixir Miner
  • Rootin Tootin Putin
  • R U Player
  • Wonk Sidewalk
  • Power HiFi
  • Gam Lover
  • Red Ocean

Frequently Asked Questions   

What Should I Name My Game Company?

While choosing a name for your gaming company, ensure you know your audience and what type of video game people love. Ensure you are aware of your competitors. Keep it simple and limit it to your business. Check whether the domain is available.

Here are some good game company names.

  • Gamesys Group
  • King Show
  • Jagex
  • Inspired Gaming
  • Face punch Studios
  • Beta Buff Gaming
  • LudoPros
  • Chipping Cheese Gaming
  • Raging Rogue Gaming

What Are The Top 10 Game Companies?

Here are the top 10 game companies.





Activision Bizzard

Electronic Arts

Epic games

Take two interactive

Sega sammy

Bandai Namco

What Is The Most Famous Game Company?

Nintendo is the most famous video game of all time.

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