150+ Cool & Catchy Fantasy Basketball Team Names

150+ Cool & Catchy Fantasy Basketball Team Names
150+ Cool & Catchy Fantasy Basketball Team Names

A perfect basketball team name goes a long way to excite the players and to heighten their spirits. So, if you are planning to start a new team anytime soon, then a few innovative names can help you. 

However, it is always advisable to come up with some best, funny, clever, good, creative, and catchy fantasy basketball team names on your own, using your imagination. This is because each team is different. The psyche of the players, their ideas and thoughts must be reflected in the name of the team.

150+ Cool & Catchy Fantasy Basketball Team Names

Picking out any random name cannot justify that spirit. Thus as a team owner, it’s up to you to highlight the uniqueness of the team and its players through the team name. 

However, inspiration can be sought from every nook and corner. To that end, the lists below can be of use. 

Fantasy Basketball League Names

Steph InfectionMetta PhysicsNet RippersKingslayer
Just Udoh ItThe WildcatsJedi Ballers
The Defending Champs
Houston RockettesSpiritHawksUncle Drew
DynamoesThe Dirty CheetahsCrying JordanNew York Nets
Tacko TuesdayHeart StoppersThe WingfootsSpida-Man
Ah-Capela ChoirColangelo CollarsCougars
Trying to Get the Pipe?
Storm SergeDropping the F-BiyomboGeneralsThe Heat
Gang GreenLocker Room TalkTigers
76 Burner Accounts
SaxonsJaguarsAardvarksBasket Junkies
KyriediculousDon’t Do Me No FavorsBattiers Not IncludedShaqtin’ A Fool

150+ Cool & Catchy Fantasy Basketball Team Names

Tips To Choose A Basketball Team Name:

Basketball team names are not selected just like that. They are not like naming a unicorn and one simply cannot pick up any name. Naming a basketball team is an elaborate process, and a lot of thoughts go into that. (Choose A Name For Spice Company Here) 

The following are a few points that must be considered while naming your team:


If you have any sort of sponsorship for your team, then there is a good chance that the sponsor will want its name to be a part of the team name. Many sponsors appreciate having a clever pun or come up with a name that sort of touches up their business.

However, this is easier said than done. Of course, you cannot tick off your sponsors, but do make sure you choose a name that highlights the team spirit. 

Tips To Choose A Basketball Team Name
Tips To Choose A Basketball Team Name
KD’s Sick BurnersGravity DefiersShooting StarsSham-Yao
Nanooks of the NorthJayhawksGritty and GrindDream Team
BricklayersThe Dream ShakersCereal KillersFlying Dutchmen
AztecsHoopstersBaseline LeanersCobras
Milwaukee DoeNothing but NetBanned On The Court
Normal Collar, New Slant
Savage StormPompano Beach PiranhasWhose Shot, J.R.?
Frozen Envelopes
Red DragonsL.A. BronSooners
Blue Ridge Bison
Flat Earth All-StarsGasol TrainThe Perfecto’sProfs
Very Rich PaulTacko BellRiver Hawks
Black Mambo No. 5
99 ProblemsSeminolesPippen Ain’t EasyDefenders

Team colors:

Colors play a great role in choosing the name of the team. If you have blue and green in your team, then it would be silly to call your team the Reds!  Rather it would make sense to call your team the “Bulgree: or so on. Many teams make use of colors to come up with a  fun and catchy team name and that is an opportunity that even you can look into. 

Team colors
Team colors

Team interest:

Many a time a team likes to follow the footsteps of their professional idols, thus they follow names like Celtics, Lakers, Bulls or such other names. You can also opt for traditional team names like Hawks, Tigers, Eagles and much more. If you find these names to be common, then you can always come up with more such names. 

Skywalkers3–1 LeadPick & Pizza RollThe Perfecto’s.
Kawhi the NorthKawhi the NorthBow to the BrowShooting Stars.
Flying SquirrelsKyrie CopernicusInternational MysteryBasket Junkies.
Blatche Ops 2Locker Room TalkEuro-Step BrothersThe Hot Shots.
Boston Kyrie PartyWoj BombsJoker, Smoker, Mile High TokerThe Crush.
Bear Dribblers808s and FastbreaksBig BallersJayhawks.
Planet LovetronReal Recognize BealRat PackSavage Storm.
Greivis AngelGet Ur Greek Freak OnBackdoor ManBasket Hounds.
SilverswordsPump Fake NewsRestricted Area 51Panthers.
WildcatsSpace Jam 3&DOle DefenseShockers.

The element of Humour:

Mostly organized sports names do not incorporate a lot of humor in the team names, especially if it’s a high school or a college-level team; but exceptions to rules are always welcome! So, if you are in for that, then pick put a funny name that can turn a few heads. 


If you choose to name your team after an animal then you can step away from a lot of controversies. A team named after animals do not hurt the public sentiment or the population demographics in any way. For instance, the  Gabbs Tarantulas in Nevada or the Bataan Military Academy in New Mexico are two very popular examples that you can look into. 

Once you are prepared with these tips, its time to look at a few names that can be inspirational:

Basketball Team Name Ideas:

Basketball Team Name Ideas
Basketball Team Name Ideas
RimshotsOdom LuckThe CrusadersHead Bangers
I’m Trying JenniferChurch of KobestanDuncan’s DonutsPersonal Favors
Ball in the Family3–1 LeadMarlinsShockers
GrasshoppersImpossible ShotsLegends
One Dumars, Two Phones
Bucket PatrolUncle DennisDuzi RoyalsJailblazers
PanthersGeeks and SneaksJumpshot HustlersWoj Bombs
The Hot ShotsBound To WinFast & the FuriousIn Style
Rainbow WarriorsHeadbands Make Her DanceBasketBrawlersGolden Eagles
Hoop BreakersBasket HoundsThree the Hard WaySeraphin Addict
Kawhi Leonard’s LaughHoop PenetratorsCouldn’t Caris LessLeopards


Choosing a good team name should be a collaborative effort. Once you have selected a few names, run it for the team members and opt for one they like the most. Choose well. All the best!


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