Fantasy Baseball Team Name Ideas & Suggestions


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It is also essential to get the most innovative names for the baseball team, which will always attract attention from around the globe. The naming of a great baseball team will create a player, but a baseball team can sadly not call itself. The members of the team have to do this.

The iconic name depicts the purpose of the game, and the fielding team managed to smash the ball in the field and encourage members to move the bases in the opposite direction across the four bases.

Meanwhile, the fielding team’s aim is also to avoid the selection of runs. The name would raise the number of fans, as well as empower the players to play effectively with the game. The best name is often ideal for your fantasy baseball team.

Fantasy Baseball Team Name Ideas & Suggestions

Name Of The Baseball Team

The Wrath of Braun Balls 2 The Walls League of Advanced Fantasy Fanatics (LAFF) The Miggychlorians
The Trevor Ending Story Troutstanding Time Wounds All Heels Latos Intolerant
Kylo Chen 12 Angry Men The Lollygaggers Killing Me Smalls
Watch Out For Local Buehrglarys Open Sorias Xander’s X-Wings Soup or Salas?
Fantasy League of Baseballers (FLOB) Sly and the Family Chone Syndergaardians of the Galaxy A Puig of their Own
Schwarber-shop Strangeglove Coo Coo for Coco Crisp Short Porch Party
Morales In Wonderland A Team Name Difficult To Pronounce The Duda Abides Schilling Me Softly
The Dynasty The Full Almonte Village Idiots Sweet ‘n Mauer Sauce
Gin Andrus Lavarnway & Shirley Horst Hockey Oiling and Lotioning
Homerun Homies No Glove, No Love Jobu Needs a Refill Gone With The Lind


Teammates do not necessarily comply with your idea, and you have to pick the right name of your baseball team together from a collection of team names. And you don’t have to go and search the names of the baseball team; we’ve done this for you already.

You will find a team name which you love, whether you are looking for funny, cool, creative or fantasy baseball team names.

Funny And Unique Basketball Team Names

Some of the most desirable, funny and unique basketball team names are:-

Fantasy Baseball Team Name Ideas & Suggestions

The Duda Bides She Sells Cishek By The Seashore Cool Hand Lucroy Master Batters
The Phantom Yoenis Way over Yonder No Hitters Chicos Bail Bonds
Cuddy Maker Kershawshank Redemption Moonlight Graham League
Rotisserie Organization of Baseballers (ROOB)
Hits & Giggles Napoli Ever After Kylo Renteria Squirrels Gone Wild
My CarGo Boom 4th Base Ellsbury Dough Boy Ball Shank Redemption
Joe Buck Yourself Machado About Nothing Mookie Monster Reasonable Trout
Can-of-Corn Miggy Mouse Club Betting On Baseball
Fantasy League of Advanced Sports Historians (FLASH)
Doumit Holes 12 Men Out The Balking Dead Holmberger Helper
Fantasy League of Know-it-Alls (FLUNK) Reverse Cowgill Ellsbury Fields With Leather
The Kempire Strikes Back
Bay of Pigs Louis Cardinals Obi-Wan Jacoby
Fantasy League of Gentlemen (FLOG)


It’s a unique concept to name a team like a professional that can inspire players to play the game on the ground and win it too. The name works on many levels. For starters, it can just be a pun.

But for finishers, it can be the Brett Gardner who plays the game with an unrelenting pace buzzing around the diamond with a constant energy that can describe as a regular in the game.

Fantasy Baseball Team Name Ideas & Suggestions

If the name is as per the characteristics of the teams, the players can win any game efficiently with pace and skill. Yet the name with the term ball shows that it is easy to play. Your baseball team’s funny name can continue you gloriously win the matches that cause players to get motivated by their team name. 

Here are the few examples in the name of the baseball team which the fans inspired and often cheer and support the team in the tournaments with that name.

Baseball Nicknames

Some of the baseball nicknames are given as suggestions for your help

Backdoor Sliders The Olive Garland Lawrence of Sanabia Batra Kadabra
You Smoak Cock Colon Problems Freddie FreeMandela The Three Moustakas
Thayer Will Be Blood Chin Music Kinsler’s List Lindor Truffles
Don Zimmer Fight Club McGlovin Hisashi on the Floor Pitches Gone Wild
Fastballs At Ridgemont High Silver Sluggers Performance Enhancing Hugs Soler Flare
Let Them Play Humber Liquidators Gang of Ordinary Fantasy Baseballers (GOOF-ballers) Darth Votto
Aces of WHIP Wallbangers I’ve Seen Better Hits From My Grandma Taijuan Skywalker
ChooWacha The Dark Sizemore Desmonds Are Forever Farting Ferrets
50 Shades Of Sonny Gray Kylo Chen Jumbo Shrimp ChooWei Yin Chen
Royal Union of Baseball Braggarts League (RUBBL) The Clay Buttholz Gas House Gang Yu Utley


The funniest truth is that even after taking several hours to create the name of your team may be all your team members will not accept the name. What do you think you should do in that situation?

It is most likely the typical situation that every successful team came across while naming their team. So sincerely coming up with the name that can be acceptable to all the team member is not a matter of joke and believe me it is as difficult as climbing a mountain. But with proper techniques and skill, you can even cope up with these hard tasks.

Unique And Hilarious Name For Your Baseball Team

Some of the techniques are given under to find out a unique and hilarious name for your baseball team:-(Also Choose A Fantasy Basketball Team Name)

Fantasy Baseball Team Name Ideas & Suggestions

  • You should find a common theme.
  • You should use the opposite of an opposing team name.
  • You should keep it simple.
  • You should use a name that conveys some message.
  • You should go easy with the offensive name.
  • You should assess if the name is catchy.
  • You should make sure you and your team happy with the name
  • You should use light humour words
  • You should use rhyming words.

Some baseball team name ideas by concentrating on the above techniques are as follow for your reference:-

Ice Cold Pitchers Stroman Troopers Porcello with Mushrooms Saw It On Reddick
The Price is Wright Reverse Cowgill Hot Pocket Corner
All for Dunn, Dunn for All
Fantasy League of Ex-Athletes (FLEX) San Diego Rotisserie Chickens Bottom Feeders
Believers in BABIP (BIB)
Carry on My Heyward Son Goldschmidt Finger Choo’s REY’es Parents? Rockford Peaches
Team DumbleOdor A-To-The Rizzo ManBearPuig Ethier Said Than Dunn
Hit Happens Mark Reynolds Wrap The Dirty Dozen Han Sulowitzki
Wiki Leaks Light Sabermetrics A Streetcar Named Cuddyer
The Catchers In The Rye
Laird of the Rings Zach Brexit Battle of 108 Stitches (The 108) Lake Placido
Round-Trippers Barnstormers Royal Roto Rooters
Zack & Miri Make a Morneau
Pitch, Please! License to Cahill Puig’s In A Blanket Candlesticks are Nice

name in fantasy baseball team must be humorous and be worthy of attracting players from all over the world to play and to maximize fan following. The ball rolling would render the game-winner and a slight drive to create history in the baseball game. These are some of the best names which allow players to use speed to play the game.

The defensive attack of the ball should boost up the crowd and have the fans embrace the team with enthusiasm.

Baseball Team Name Ideas

The names can be the most official title for baseball teams by combining batting and fielding skills. The unit is renowned for its skills in beating, and its exceptional capacities can gain the fans’ hands.

Fantasy Baseball Team Name Ideas & Suggestions



Extraordinarily Nerdy Union of Fantasy Fanatics (ENUFF) Diamond Demons Angels in the Troutfield
Dozen Eggheads of Fantasy (DEF)
Fielder of Dreams Department of Aces (DOA League) E-lemon-actors Braching Brad
Citizen Cain Mike Ehrman-Trout A Mighty Lind Jocks Of All Trades
Hittem’ Where They Aint Bleacher Bums Losing is a Disease Punch And Judy
Atta Batters No Country for Olt Men Morning Wood Inglorious Bashers
Miggy Azalea Ball Breakers Detroit Tigers Springfield Isotopes
Glory Bowl Baby Cakes Chooch & Chong No soup for Yu!
Red Sox PED-co Park Hold Me Closer Ohtani Dancer 2 Balls, 1 Bat
Kemp Crystal Lake Minnesota Twins Fowlers for Algernon Inglorious Bastardos
We Need More Cowgill! Quantum of Solano North Correa Blue Wahoos

The baseball team is known after the funny name, where the team targets at its balls to protect the opponent from scoring more runs, and then it scores more runs.


The choosing of the best name for your baseball team depends on the essence of the team and the fans you like. The correct name depends on your preference. 

I hope you get a hint of your ideal fantasy baseball team or a provocative name.

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