Everything You Should Know About a Temporary Skills Shortage TSS Visa

TSS Visa

Sometimes, for whatever reason, all you want to do is move across the globe, stay in a new environment, and start fresh. It means being able to explore new places and experience new adventures. At the same time, you get a chance to kickstart a career or boost your current one. While travelling, getting to know new people, and working in a new environment can be exciting, entry into a country is not the easiest thing to do. But having a Temporary Skills Shortage TSS Visa will help enter Australia.

TSS Visa

Understanding How Temporary Skills Shortage TSS Visa Works

Of course, working in a new environment is beneficial to both you and your employer. On one side, you get to learn new skills and be able to adapt to new communication protocols. On another, your employer gets someone to finish the job—this is what the Temporary Skills Shortage TSS Visa is for. 

In Australia, a Temporary Skills Shortage TSS Visa is a type of visa granted to a skilled worker from another country to fill in for the lack of skilled labourers. It will let you stay in the country for up to two years.  In the case of International Trade Obligation, the applicant is allowed to stay up to four years. For passport holders from Hong Kong, the TSS visa will let you stay in the country for up to five years.

After approval, a TSS visa will allow you to work in a field of your choice, and eventually may even be a path for you to opt for permanent residency. However, it is important to note that Australian employers prioritise hiring locals.

How to Apply a Temporary Skills Shortage TSS Visa

When filing for the Temporary Skills Shortage Tss Visa, both the employer and the applicant must adhere to the criteria imposed by the government. First, the employer must apply to become a sponsor. After approval, it then nominates you as an applicant for a skilled position. 

You then come in on the third step, where you apply for the visa. Before application, you need to possess at least two years of experience relevant to the field. You will later undergo a skills assessment process, where respective authorities confirm that your skills meet the occupation standards.

Finally, since Australia is a dominantly English-speaking country, you will also be required to meet the minimum English language proficiency standards through a test. However, there are some terms set for those who can bypass this requirement. This exemption is the English proficiency test. Only passport holders from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, and the Republic of Ireland are exempted from such examinations. Others who are exempt are those who:

  • Have completed at least five years of education in a secondary level institution where English is the primary language
  • Nominated an occupation from a diplomatic or consular mission of another country or the Office of the Authorities of Taiwan
  • Hold or have been granted a licence, registration, or membership
  • Employees of an overseas business receiving a specified salary

Now that you have seen most of what you need to get a Temporary Skills Shortage TSS Visa, it is also essential to know the benefits of working in the Land Down Under.  In addition to the beautiful beaches and sceneries, you get to benefit from the country’s world-renown healthcare. Australia is ranked the highest on Administrative Efficiency and Healthcare Outcomes, so you know you are taken care of. Plus, getting to work in Australia will mean competitive salaries and a well-balanced work-life tandem.


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