Home Education Class 2 Maths: Important Chapters That Students Will Encounter In the Higher Classes

Class 2 Maths: Important Chapters That Students Will Encounter In the Higher Classes

Class 2 Maths: Important Chapters That Students Will Encounter In the Higher Classes

Class 2 may sound a simple class standard free of any burden but what we cannot ignore is how important this standard is as it forms a base for concepts needed in higher classes. Syllabus for Class 2 is simple and a child can give a mole of time to studies that will help him to be better at academics. One of the other things parents and teachers can do to make 2nd graders learn well is teach them via games or fun activities. This way they will not forget what they have learned. Fun academic activities will also help students to grasp the concepts more clearly and develop strong conceptual clarity. So it is best to start preparing the students for higher studies

The next important thing is to consider the topics or subjects that are beneficial for higher studies. Moving strategically is crucial as you would want your 2nd grader to be more focussed on topics that really matter. So, you would want to start by making a list of important chapters and then starting off with simpler chapters towards more difficult ones. This will help the students to be able to understand the topics more easily. The only book you need for your child or for students is NCERT Books Class 2 Maths. Highly reliable and recommended by CBSE, class 2 Maths.

Here’s a list of topics encountered in class 2 that are also important for higher classes.

Numbers( addition, subtraction, multiplication & division)


Starting from class one and till the time the studies continue, the one topic that remains constant has to be addition and subtraction. While the topic is simple to understand, what one needs is a strong hold on it even for bigger numbers. Addition and subtraction will eventually become part of every type of question of Maths for higher studies. The same goes for multiplication and division. If a child is taught to catch up speed in adding and subtracting it will be a great help. Also, catching up speed in calculations can only be done with practice and practice .


The basics of measurement include the study of length, weight and time. These maths topics are so important that they even continue till graduation or post graduation. The topics of measurement require complete understanding of the concepts which can be explained diagrammatically or by using 2D 3D objects. Once the child learns the basics you can proceed to making him understand and practice the questions of measurements. Also making kids revise basic and important formulas are equally important. This will help them to always understand and do the maths question even in higher classes.


Geometry is the most important topic in maths.Square, rectangle, cube, cuboids etc these shapes are extremely important. All these figures are important in Maths as well in life. Spatial understanding helps to build up strong logics and reasoning in life. Preparing this topic well in Maths is extremely important. A simple and step by step explanation should be used when teaching Geometry. Also it is important to take care that all queries and questions are solved before proceeding towards the next topic.

Charts and data

Charts and data

Statistics is that branch of Maths that deals with data and pictorial representation of data. It is essential to start early with the basics of statistics. For this learning and understanding the charts and data are important. Students find charts interesting and to retain the interest level of students it is important to go for simple data and numbers which are easy to calculate. Also try to incorporate colourful charts that students find interesting and attractive. Also questioning students will help them to develop curiosity for learning. 


Time and work, time and distance are two important topics of Maths. These topics are important not only for higher studies but also for competitive exams. Understanding these concepts will require comprehending what time is and the technical aspects of it but for 2nd graders it is important to move only step by step with respect to explaining time. The concept of time starts with a clock which can be explained by using an actual clock. Students will find it interesting to learn by playing. 

Money Transactions

Maths is also about understanding the transaction. Money, finances and transactions all are part of everyday life. Since good calculations is what makes up effective money transactions we need to make 2nd graders understand the use of efficient calculations for money transactions. Role playing can be one of the good methods to help students understand what is transaction and how to judicially use money in life. Hence, make sure that this topic is well understood by the 2nd graders.


Probability is also an important topic that you will surely find in the syllabus for higher studies. Probability is a topic that helps the child develop logical thinking, good reasoning and critically evaluating the possibilities. Using and applying of terms like equally likely, more or less likely, probable, certain and unlikely can only be used if one is cleared on the topic of probability. These terms are also used in other subjects other than Maths. Dice is one topic of reasoning where high use of probability is used. So making sure that the child understands this topic well is also important.


All the above listed chapters in Maths are highly important. In the context of higher studies as well as in life. All these Maths topics will help you to also become better at reasoning and logics which helps to give an edge in thinking abilities. Maths is also important for life and this is why helping children develop interest in the subject will not make them feel fearful about the subject which a large number of students end up feeling. Also, one of the best ways to help children feel confident about Maths is by helping them get rid of doubts and confusions as soon as they face it. All these chapters are highly Important so make sure to consider them.



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