Choosing the right engagement ring shop

Choosing the right engagement ring shop
Choosing the right engagement ring shop

The engagement is the first step in the relationship between the couple before the formal marriage. So men in Singapore would like to get the best engagement ring for the woman they would like to get married to. While there are many shops of engagement rings in Singapore where a person can purchase the engagement ring they require, there is a great difference in the quality, price and designs of the engagement rings available. Some tips to choose the right shop are provided.

Precious stones

While some men may prefer to give an engagement ring without any precious stone, most men will prefer to give an engagement ring with one or more precious stones. The precious stone will be selected after considering the preferences of the fiance. Though some women like rubies, emeralds, sapphires, a majority of men and women prefer to purchase engagement rings with diamonds. In addition to being the most expensive and valuable precious stone, it is very durable. Hence for purchasing a diamond engagement ring, it is better to choose a jewellery shop specializing in diamond rings.


Since the ring buyer will be spending a large amount on the engagement ring, it is also advisable to check the reputation of the jeweller. Though some new jewellery shops may be offering lower prices for diamond rings, it is better to purchase diamond rings from a well established jeweller who is known for providing high quality diamonds. The failure rate of new businesses is usually high, so it will be difficult to get customer support if the new jewellery shop closes after a few months. Also purchasing an excellent top quality diamond ring, will help in cementing the relationship with the fiance.

Diamond testing

Since a large amount will be spent on the engagement ring, it is advisable to verify how the jeweller is ensuring that the diamonds and other supplies are of good quality. Some of the top jewellers in Singapore are only using diamonds which are cut by master craftsmen and lab tested by the AGT and GIA. They are able to give a certificate specifying the quality of the diamond which is being used. This certificate will help in determining the ring value, if the ring owner decides to sell the ring at a later date or pawn it to take a loan. Top quality super cut diamonds reflect light and shine brilliantly.

Choosing the right engagement ring shop
Choosing the right engagement ring shop

Customer support

Most people are getting engaged only once in their life and do not have much information on the different kinds of diamonds and designs of engagement rings which are available. Hence it is advisable to find out how well qualified and trained the staff of the shop is. In the top rated ring shops, the staff undergoes training for a period of three months in the various types of diamonds and jewellery, so that they can give the right advice to customers. A few of the best jewelry shops are also offering free consultancy for customers so that they choose the right design, diamond for the engagement ring.


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