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Tips For Choosing A Promotional Product Supplier

Tips For Choosing A Promotional Product Supplier

Promotional products are preferred over direct marketing strategies nowadays. However, the biggest question is where to buy them.

If you are also searching for suppliers who can provide you with high-quality promotional products, then in this article, you will find a few tips to shortlist the candidates.

Customer Service

Customer service is the first thing to look for in a promotional product supplier. The one having a solid customer support system is more credible and trustworthy. It ensures they will meet your needs before signing a contract with you.

Asking questions about the order placement, quality of the products, cost, etc., directly to the customer care executives helps you understand everything in detail. They can also help you in clearing your doubts regarding the after-sales service.


If you are using promotional items in your marketing strategy, you should make sure that they are of high quality. A customer or gift recipient always appreciates if the quality of the product is up-to-the-mark.

It leaves a long-lasting impression on the audience and also makes your business stand out. Therefore, while indulging with a promotional products seller, you need to investigate the quality of the items they manufacture thoroughly.

This aspect is not limited to the products but also the delivery process. They should be packaged appropriately so that none of the items gets damaged during transit.


Cost is another important factor when searching for a supplier. You might know what items you want for promotional purposes; however, deciding the cost can be challenging.

As there are a number of sellers, you can get a quote from them and go with the best deal. Some suppliers also offer different packages and discounts on bulk buying.

Expansive Product Availability

There is no definite number of promotional items available. With endless options, you might want to experiment with different types of them.

Most of the reputed sellers, such as CustomGear, have a range of over 20,000 unique promotional items that can make your marketing strategy boom. You can choose from caps, T-shirts, backpacks, bottles, wristbands, socks, etc.

Delivery Time

Meeting the deadline is the most sought quality of an excellent supplier. Therefore, before you place your order, ask them if they would be able to deliver it within the deadline. Getting late shipments is the last thing you want to face when promoting your business.

Customization Options

Customizing your promotional items gives you an edge over your competitors. Though it might increase your cost a little bit, the benefits you will reap afterward would be unimaginable.

You can get your brand name printed on the items so that they act as indirect promotional items when someone carries them in public. Getting the caps, T-shirts, and bags logoed are excellent ways to increase your brand’s exposure and awareness.


Not all vendors are the same and offer similar kinds of services and products. You might want to explore your options, shortlist them based on the above-mentioned factors, and choose the one that gives you the best deal.

Make sure their products are of decent quality so that people appreciate your marketing efforts and remember your name in a good way.


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