100+ Cool & Unique Camping Names


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Camping is a fun activity that all kids and teenagers enjoy. Every summer, teens, kids, and even some adults look forward to camping and having some fun time. Thus, the popularity of camps has increased over the years.

However, that does not mean that you cannot start your camp. In fact, the market is open for some fresh ideas and you can surely make an entry if only you know how to put forward your brand.

100+ Cool & Unique Camping Names
Camping Names

While talking about branding your camp, do you know what is the first thing that you have to consider? Name. Yes. coming up with a few cool, funny, and catchy camp names is crucial to make a mark for yourself and your camp in the market.

To that end, this article will come in handy as we are going to be discussing a few very interesting camp names that you can surely look into.

Creative Summer Camp Names

100+ Cool & Unique Camping Names
Camping Names

Funky Bunks Blue Triangle Nature Bloomfield Box Canyon
Brant Lake All Smiles Raven Triangle Nature
High Feather Summer Wild Ones Moose Troop The Quest
Ranch Blue Triangle Nature Alexa Café The Quest
Cardinal Cabins Bill Rice Ranch Red Arrow Calvin Crest
Rawhide Ranch Barnabas Blue CARE Rawhide Summer special
Happy Summer Sunny Smiles Best Bunks Best Bunks
Becket-Chimney Corners Northway By the Lake Frest Stories
Bunk in the Trunk High Note Band Lincoln Boys Beaver Falls
Academy Rice Ranch Nugget Glacier View Ranch


So, here are a few ideas for you to mull over.
With summer knocking on the door, this might be your chance to get your summer camp up and running. But again, you are sure to face a lot of competition on the go, and the one thing that can save you a lot of trouble is a nice and catchy camp name.

Hunting Camp Names

100+ Cool & Unique Camping Names
Camping Names

Popeye Greenwoods Canteen Team Box Canyon Boys
Don’t Bug Us Cabin Crew Beaver Falls Light Addicts
River Valley Ranch Hilltop Rawhide Ranch Full Moons
All Camping Escape Lodge The Quest Guiding Arrow
Highlander Brant Lake Caribou Brant Lake
Summer Slayers Sunny Smiles Bill Rice Ranch In-Tents
Life in the Woods Bear Paws Adirondack Alexa Café
Bestie Base Barnabas Nitro Pulverizers in the Pines
Want S’more? Adirondack Bill The Camping Coach Woody Wood
Becket-Chimney Corners Tie Dye Troupe Caribou Best Bunks


Hunting camps are quite popular amongst adults who take hunting as a recreation or a sport. However, hunting alone can be very boring and is always nice to have some company. (Also Choose Science Club Name Ideas)

In that light, if you are planning to start a hunting camp this year, then you might make a good profit out of it since hunting enthusiasts are always on a lookout for people who share their passion for hunting! However, naming the camp well is very crucial, and here are a few names to help you on the way. 

How To Start A Camp

Type of Camp:

If you want to start a camp, then there are few considerations that you must look into. For instance, will this camp be for a day, or will it have over-night accommodation? Will, there be enough staff to help you around the place or will it be a one-man-show? Keeping such details in mind is very crucial before starting a camp. 

100+ Cool & Unique Camping Names
Camping Names

Business plan:

Setting up a camp is, after all, a business, and like every successful business, this too must have a fool-proof plan. There are many summer camps, and hunting camps out there. Thus to get the business, you need to come up with a proper plan in addition to camping club name ideas. For this purpose, the following steps must be considered:

  • Market Research: Before making your business plan, it’s important to survey the market. What are people looking for in the camps?  Is it a camp for kids? Can parents drop off their kids daily? What kind of activities is your target audience interested in? All the answers must be sought before you can start your camp.
  • Budget: This is an important consideration and goes a long way to decide on the type of camp you will be running. Of course, certain things will increase your budget. For instance, will there be paid staff members? Are you renting the land? Will there be staying accommodations? All these factors determine the budget that you will have to spend. 

Camp group names

100+ Cool & Unique Camping Names
Camping Names

Horizons Caribou Laurel Bestie Base
Rolling Thunder Glacier View Ranch Summer Diary Box Canyon Boys
Bloomfield Alexa Café Nerf Sunshine Bar
Totally Pitchin’ Polo Lake Creatures High In The Wild
Forest Essentials Bloomfield Cabin Fever The Sea
Roanoke Kamp Woody Toasted Marshmallows Academy by the Sea
Fun Forest Cardinal Cabins Calvin Crest North Stars
Academy by the Sea Indian Acres for Boys CARE Summer Lores
Into the Woods Lake of the Woods Born to Be Wild New Beginnings
Nature Seekers Posh Pines Gridlock Red Arrow


Though there are tons of names out there, a little inspiration is always required. To that end here are a few names for you to consider. Camping is a fun activity, and it can be made more fun with some amazing names! So get started and have a blast!

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