Best Non-monetary Rewards to motivate your employees

Best -Non-monetary Rewards- to- motivate -employees
Best -Non-monetary Rewards- to- motivate -employees

Most of the managers have the wrong notion that only money can motivate the employees to boost their productivity and give their best and improve their employees. To some extent it is true, but there are a few more effective ways to motivate your employees.

Money drives people but passion is what makes them best at what they do. You have to ignite that passion in them to improve their performance. Like monetary rewards, non-monetary rewards also give equal satisfaction to employees. Non-monetary rewards help you build relationships with your employees and send out a strong message that you value their efforts in the best ways possible. Wondering what are those non-monetary rewards? Don’t worry, we have listed down a few of them, keep reading the article.

1)Work-life balance:

The first thing anyone who is trying to join your company enquires is work-life balance. We all want to balance out our professional and personal lives better and so do your employees. As a manager, you have to understand this and ensure every employee works for fixed hours only apart from some rare cases. The employees need to switch it off from their work and refresh so that they can come with better energy and enthusiasm the next day.



Career growth is the other important aspect that motivates the employees to work harder. To get that next promotion, employees need to upskill themselves and make them more competent. Employee training makes them upgrade themselves and get to that next step of their career along with their experience. As a manager, you don’t need to spend huge amounts on training as all you need is a tool like SAP Litmos LMS that helps to create, manage and deliver your online training effectively. Their subscription prices are also very affordable too.

3)Praise their hard work:

When an employee meets your expectations, acknowledge their efforts through a simple email or praise them publicly. Moments like these instill confidence and motivate the employees to do even better so that they can experience that moment again and again. You can also give them coupons to buy the products they want, offer movie tickets and anything of that sort to show your appreciation.

4)Build a community:

Building a community that involves all your employees makes them feel connected and have a strong sense of belonging. It makes your employees good at teamwork and they can help each other out whenever needed. Invite your employees to your company’s anniversaries or any other special events where everyone can spend quality time with each other. A few fun activities during those special events make it even better.

5)Give them more responsibility:

This might not sound like a reward but some of your employees will enjoy the added responsibility. People who want to come out of their comfort zone and want to work harder can gain the most out of this opportunity. Opportunities like these make them feel that the organization cares about their growth and recognizes their hard work. It’s a win-win situation for both the employee and the manager.

6)More leaves:

Last but not least, reward your employees with extra leaves and see how happy your employee feels. Sudden surprises like these make them more excited and happy. You can give half days, an extended lunch break, and anything that gives them some time off occasionally. A late start on a Monday or an earlier finish on a Friday would also work. However, you have to adjust their time offs depending on your business needs and requirements.


Employees are the backbone of any organization. If they perform well, it is useful for them and at the same time benefits you as well. Always find ways to make them happy and motivated to work harder and reach greater heights in their career. We hope this article helps you in finding the best non-monetary reward options to motivate your employees.


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