100+ Catchy & Attractive Adventure Group Names

100+ Catchy & Attractive Adventure Group Names
100+ Catchy & Attractive Adventure Group Names

A lot of us love adventure sports. Traveling to the mountains, taking a walk through the forest, rafting through a waterbody, sounds like fun right? Well, if you are in for these activities and want to provide the same enjoyment to your fellow friends, then starting a hiking group is a grand idea. 

However, in addition to planning out the right activity on your adventure trip, you have to come up with some workable adventure team names. A team name goes a long way to attract your target audience.

Attractive Adventure Group Names
Attractive Adventure Group Names
The ValkyriesCoffee loversThe Queen BeesMaking Strides
Recycle BinLittle AngelesSugar ShakersBlock heads
Band of the Crimson LionMountain RangersSoleful StruttersTeam Pasta
Brother PoniesDull decisionsThe Adventures Of TextinSearching For Group Name
Staunch LadiesText MastersTerror in MeatspaceLost in the Woods
Pencil ChorsTrails TroupeThe Green HandHera’s Tears
WTF? Where’s the finish?Path of the Righteous ManThe agony of De FeetOh Hello Bros
Just talkHungry For ShoppingThe Young and the WrecklessBingo Wives
Hindi HandsOriginal Roads ScholarsBlank HeadFabulous Fairies
Tears for BeersTime WastersRock HoppersA hot potato

If you are successful in choosing some attractive names, you will anyway be one step ahead of your competitors. In that light, here are a  few names that you can consider for your adventure group. 

Hiking Group Names:

Hiking is a fun activity and a lot of youngsters take an interest in it. The best thing about hiking is the adrenaline rush that it provides.

Walking to new trails, braving the way through raw nature is both refreshing and entertaining, and if you are planning to start your hiking group, these are a few names to look into:

Hiking Group Names
Hiking Group Names
MacGuffins, Ltd.Power Puff GirlsCrazy worldThe Silver Hydras
Be Fool and Make FoolFabulousnessHellraisers for HireWaste Brains
Call Me A CabKill-o-metersChafed JunkBeauty in Grace
Swift JusticeBest BrothersWeekend KingsThe foodies
Fantastic 4Childhood ChilkutsFour Daves
404! Group Name Does Not Exist
Dance or DieThe Four FeathersStrangers In The NightAvengers
We can be anythingCounter Strike BatchHot BlazeThe Velvet League
Feel free to writeWOW – Women of WisdomThe Quick and the DeadThe Knee Knockers
Take a HikeHappy TrailsBlister SistersGossip Queens
Every Morning is a New StartFocus FairiesThe Now MarriedThe Sports Bras

Things to keep in mind while starting a hiking club:

If you have a local trail in your community, one way to protect it is by organizing hiking clubs. Indeed organizing trails is tedious, however, it’s pretty rewarding in itself since in the end the trail gets maintained, environmental protection is guaranteed, and of course, you make some profit out of it. (Also Choose A Cool Art Club Names)

Attracting others to the cause:

If you have a local trail and want to preserve it, do not leave out your friends, family, and neighbors from the planning process. Discuss with them and try to get them involved in the protection plan.


Though many a time, a single individual can plan to protect a trial, involving other hikers from the community can help you come up with better and innovative ideas. Additionally, make use of social media blogs, and posts to attract hikers to your group. 

Organize frequent meetings:

Once you have people showing interest in your hiking trail, it’s a good idea to start online community meetings. However, it’s advisable to hold such a meeting online since you will have more people attending in and the location will not be a bar.

Organize frequent meetings:
Organize frequent meetings:

Once you have fixed the time and other required details of the meeting, determine the reasons which should be highlighted for making this trail a good hiker’s location. In other words, you have to convince hikers that your local trail is one of the finest and thus they must join your hiking group to explore it further. 

Start organizing:

It’s important to hold a few meetings to understand whether people are accepting the hike. It may require more than one meeting to convince the hikers to join your group. Once things start moving in a positive direction, start with a feasible action plan. 

Hiking Team Names:

100+ Catchy & Attractive Adventure Group Names
100+ Catchy & Attractive Adventure Group Names
Up a NotchScrambled LegsMalady developsBook Time Together
Don’t underestimate usOne Life – One ChanceOpen BookLife and Music
Golden memoriesLaw and OdorGossips launchTeam Victorious Secret
The Walkie TalkiesThe Golden GuardiansTeam HopeCompass Crew
Lake LoversHard workersHot Mother TruckersDevils VS Angels
Half FastHeart CatchersMotivational GroupMy Turn, Again!?!
Agony of De FeetGossip GeeseThe Fast, The Slow & The PrettyWe’re Bringing Sexy Back!
Climb CompanySole SistersBlood of the Gordonladies Hike group
Near onesNinjasFabulous friendsDallas Runners Club
Chat LoungeSmile pleaseBe Bachelor Be MotivatedJust Do It

Benefits of Hiking:

Hiking is not just an activity for the adrenaline junkies, it has a lot of health benefits that must not be ignored. There are a plethora of benefits, and today we will look at a few of them:

100+ Catchy & Attractive Adventure Group Names

  • Hiking lowers the risk of a heart disease
  • Hiking decreases blood pressure and blood sugar levels
  • Since hiking is a bone bearing exercise, it boosts bone density
  • Enhances balance and improves core strength
  • Helps in weight management
  • As per many research, hiking has a positive effect in fighting stress and anxiety


In addition to finding the ideal hiking names, try to assert the benefits and other important aspects of hiking to your clients to get a good customer base. Enjoy nature and make your hiking group glam.


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