Advantages of Commercial Security Tech


    1. Smart camera integration

    Video surveillance systems are one of the best things to happen to the security sector. Integrated camera systems not only play a critical role in detecting and recording crime as it happens but are also a significant deterrent for the same.

    While the video surveillance system may come in handy for recording your study process with or for recording crime, adding a smart alarm and camera monitoring system makes it even more efficient and practical.  Smart camera integration makes it possible to monitor activity in and around the workplace remotely via a smartphone app.  

    The system also enables you to set up alerts for both regular and suspicious activities. Some of the best smart alarm systems will even send text alerts to you in real-time and can even be programmed to notify the authorities right away. 

    2. Remote Access And Control

    Most standard alarm systems require one to be physically present to activate, deactivate, and even control the system.  Smart alarm systems, however, make it possible to do all the above and much more, all from a smartphone app.

    These systems are always connected to the internet, allowing one to access and even control the system remotely from miles away.  

    Thanks to commercial tech, you never have to worry about forgetting to disarm the alarm system (in the morning) or arming it (after office hours).   This is unlike traditional alarm systems that require one to be physically present to arm alarm and rush out before the doors close. 

    As an added benefit, the smart security tech allows you to access smart lights, check security cameras, and even control the temperature indoors remotely while at home or traveling for a business trip. 

    3. It Is Always On

    The standard alarm systems are only effective when armed. Anyone can thus take advantage of a disarmed system to gain access to the business premises. On the other hand, a smart system from The Lock Boss will always notify you if left unattended and can be programmed to activate automatically after a specified time.

    The system also continues to record and monitor the surroundings and send alerts of suspicious activity in real-time. It also lets you monitor different parts of the company, including remote locations, all from the same smartphone app. 

    Smart alarm systems use artificial intelligence to monitor your business all day and alert you of a disarmed system, which you can then activate remotely. 

    4. Smart Access Control Solutions

    Gone are the days when physical keys and traditional padlocks were the only way to protect your company from unauthorized entry. Smart security and alarm monitoring systems have made it easier to provide different access levels to your employees.

    The system also monitors all keyless entry codes and records all access records for future reference. This thus allows you, the manager/owner, to know exactly who accessed sensitive parts of the business and for how long. The best thing with keyless entry systems is the codes can be revoked at any time, especially if suspicious activity is detected. 

    Some of the best commercial security systems will send you a clip of all suspicious activities for verification. You can also program the system to send a notification whenever the doors open and close, especially during the day’s start and close. 

    5. Improved Efficiency On Your HVAC Systems

    Many are times when HVAC systems are left to run all through the night and during weekends when no one is in the office. This translates to thousands of dollars down the drain in energy bills. Investing in a smart thermostat, however, allows you to turn these on and off as required.  You can also have the thermostat turn the HVAC systems off when no one is in the building and back on again a few minutes before business hours. 

    The smart thermostat isn’t only useful in keeping heating and cooling bills low but can also help protect documents and items sensitive to low or high temperatures. All you need to do is have a temperature sensor installed in the specific room. Thus, the thermostat will continue monitoring temperature there and even send you alerts if something is out of the ordinary.


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