A Burst of Flavour: A Few Combos that Would Go Great with Gin


Alcohol, the saint that reels you in and turns you into a demon a few minutes after having a few drinks. It’s good for any occasion, may it be a formal party, an intimate get-together or maybe just friends wanting to relieve stress. As long as you’re 18 and of legal age, trying alcohol at least once in your life isn’t such a bad thing. Of course, it’s always better not to overdo things. However, in the spirit of fun, it’s good to find the right whiskey distillery or Gin Distillery for you. Gin was originally a medicinal liquor that aided in many things like bloating and digestion, but it does have its unique taste that not everyone adores.

Luckily for you, the list below is just some of the best combos you could make with gin to make it to your liking.

Try it with Tonic

Gin with Tonic is the most iconic out of all the combinations there is. Everyone has at least heard of it, and a lot of people have tried it out and agreed that it’s the signature combo. Tonic, like gin, also has some medicinal origins where it is used to bring you back to good health. It has a bitter taste to it that often goes well with gin’s spice.

Try it with Lemon

Gin with anything citrus is an automatic thumbs up. Something about gin’s piney and very “bitey” taste goes well with citrus’ bitter or sour elements. You can’t get enough of it, which is probably why many alcoholic drinks are paired with bitter lemons and the like. It’s just that good of a combo.

Try it with Pineapple Juice

Just like with the citrus in the lemon, pineapple with gin also creates a fiery pop in your mouth once you try it. The pineapple’s zesty taste mixed with the flaming taste of gin creates fireworks in your mouth that you have to at least try once in your life.

Try it with Coke

For all the soda or Coca-Cola lovers, yes, gin with Coke is indeed possible. Just like the classic rum with Coke, a gin alternative is always welcome. Of course, this isn’t heavily accepted by everyone seeing as Coke is rather sweet and has its pang to it. Nevertheless, there’s always a demographic for everything. And some people prefer the sweetness of Coke to the flame of gin.

Try it with Pink Lemonade

Just like Coke, a pink lemonade mixed with gin is also a great alternative. Not everyone loves the strong pang of alcohol and the bitter aftertaste it gives to the people who drink it, and some want to have a sip and float in the magic of it all, so going with a pink lemonade alternative is also a possibility. If you like sweet drinks with a hint of spice, then this combination is just the right one for you!


Gin can be paired with anything if you set your mind to it and if your palette agrees. Some may want to drink it as it is. Others may heavily mix it with different varieties of drinks. It’s the drinker’s choice. These are just a few of the combinations that people have tried and have liked. Mixing the gin you get from a Gin Distillery with whatever combination you want is still your choice to make; hopefully, you have fun along the way while you’re at it.


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