6 Different Tips To Get Better Sleep With Technology

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Decrease Device Usage Before Bedtime

You want to ensure you are decreasing usage of any electronics before bedtime. While this can be difficult, the research showcases how important it is. Studies have shown that using blue light-emitting devices before bedtime can result in poor quality sleep or even difficulties falling asleep.

If you cannot avoid using screens before sleeping, you will want to protect yourself as much as possible. There are a couple of things you can do to minimize the amount of blue light you are exposed to.

For one, you could turn the brightness down on your phone. However, what would be even better would be using the built-in blue light filter on your phone. A lot of phones will allow you to set this to automatically come on at night. That way, you will be able to use your phone without dramatically negatively impacting your sleep.

Download a Sleep App

One of the things you should be doing would be downloading a sleep app on your phone. You should do this to help you not only fall asleep but also to stay asleep. Sleep apps can be a very useful tool to help optimize your sleep. These apps can provide you with relaxing music, relaxing sounds, and they can even track your sleep. The American Sleep Association specifically lists (7) different apps that you can use to improve your sleep. These apps include:

  • Relax Melodies

This is an app that will play a variety of different sounds that can help you sleep.

  • Pzizz

This app uses music and sound effects to assist in being able to fall asleep.

  • Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

This app works to record all of your sleeping habits and it has an alarm that will wake you up when you are sleeping in your lightest phase. That way, you don’t wake up groggy.

  • Sleep Device

As you can see, there are a large number of optimized apps to help improve your sleep.

Use Your Tracker

You will want to either leverage your smartwatch, fitness tracker, or sleep apps to track and monitor your sleep. That way, you will be able to get a lot of useful data that you can use to make better sleeping decisions. By using this type of technology, you will be able to figure out how you are sleeping and whether or not you can do anything to optimize your sleep. An app will be able to pick up your movements and sounds to track when you are in a deep sleep and to tell you how often you wake up at night.

Avoid Naps

If you are someone who has difficulties falling asleep at night, it may be due to your napping. Instead of taking a nap mid-day, try to reach for your favorite electronic device and use it to keep yourself awake. Play your favorite mobile game, watch a short TV show on Netflix, or do something else that stimulates you to keep you from wanting to nap. Try to remain as active as possible throughout the day so you can achieve a restful night’s sleep.

Use Technology

Instead of limiting technology, you might want to try to use it in your bedroom. You will be able to use Dodow which is a device that projects a light onto the ceiling that pulsates. This will allow you to sync up your breathing with it which can be relaxing. The entire premise of this device is to help you slow down your heart rate to help you fall asleep faster.

Another thing you could do is invest in a smart bed. A smart bed can offer you a range of different things that can help improve your ability to fall asleep. You will find beds that have climate control, pressure adjustments, and even vibrations to help optimize your sleeping environment. Top your bed with the perfect mattress, read this Nectar mattress review

Smart Technology

If you are looking to keep your teenager from staying up at night Tweeting and texting, have your Wi-Fi automatically shut off at a specific time at night. You will find a lot of different smart technology like auto-dimming lights that you can implement into your home to help create a much more sleep optimized environment for yourself and your entire family.

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