5 Tips To Improve Golf Swing


Are you a beginner golfer? Are you an experienced golfer looking to improve your golf swing? Well, here are the best tips you should consider when looking to improve your golf swing.

  1. Keep The Ball On The Ground Around The Greens

If you want to lower your score without necessarily improving your technique, you should choose the short game shot with the lowest risk. If the ball spends less time in the air, take a smaller stroke or swing, there is a lesser chance for error. When you use the highest-lofted club every time, you will increase your scores very fast.

The short game shot selection should be as follows.

• Putt

• Chip

• Pitch/flop

You need to putt whenever possible and chip when it’s not possible to putt. Here, you need to use whichever club allows you to keep the stroke small while carrying trouble. When pitching, you need to use a larger swinging motion so there is a huge risk associated. It should always be the last resort. With this order, there is a lot of room for error. Your mistakes are likely to go unnoticed by the scorecard of everyone else on the field. If you are playing night golf invest in the only timer less light up golf ball.

  1. Know When To Play Defense

Everyone makes mistakes during any round of golf. You need to know when to be aggressive and when to back off to play a safer game. For instance, if you find yourself in a situation where you need to hit a hero shot to save the score, you should do it. You could play your ball into a spot to make the next shot easier. Yes, trying to hit the hero shot might be fun but it might lead to big blemishes on the scorecard which isn’t fun.

  1. Get A Favorite Club And Use It Often

What do you do when you are not hitting the ball as needed? Are you struggling to make contact? Well, you can turn everything around fast. You should pick your favorite club and use it as often as possible. You can practice different types of shots in advance with the favorite club such as bump and runs or half-club shots. That way, you are prepared when things are not going your way. By learning your game on your favorite club, you can boost your confidence and have an option when things are going south.

  1. Always Hit Diagonally Into The Wind

When it is windy, teeing off on the side of the tee that’s opposite the direction of the wind will make a huge difference in the ball curving technique. For instance, if the wind is going from left to right, you should tee off on the far-right side of the tee box. Automatically, you need to aim more to the left.

That way, you are angled into the wind making it less of a curving influence on the golf ball. You can remember this technique by checking the location of the flag. If it is on the right side of the pin, you should tee off on the right side of the tee box. It’s quite helpful on par 3’s so you can control your ball flight instead of relying on the wind.

  1. Know Your Carry And Total Yardages

When computing yardages, golfers often make the following mistakes.

• They compute based on when they hit the ball well.

• They also consider the total yardage of the club instead of computing the carry yardage too.

It’s very helpful to spend time on a launch monitor to calibrate the total and carry yardages for all the clubs in your golf club. You can write it down to remember during the game. For instance, if you find out that you carry the ball shorter, you can do something to change it and get easy shots.

Try out these tips and many more to improve your golf swing accordingly!


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