5 Signs of Sewer Line Damage

Sewer Cleaning

Homes across the US experience a huge surge of cast iron pipe problems because of the 20 to a 30-year life span of the ironclad sewers. After 25 years, the recommended lifetime for the product, the cast-iron pipes can easily get damaged. Drainage lines already face a lot of wear and tear because of the potential cracks, tree root intrusions, channeling, and or misaligned connections. 

A replacement for sewer line damage will be costly no matter how you look at it. Here we look at the different reasons why a drainage line can get destroyed. 

  1. Blocked Sewers 

Before a sewer gets completely blocked there will be a short time when the water will run slowly. You will flush something down the toilet and you will feel it going down the drains sluggishly. Then once it is completely blocked, there might be a time when the water will run in reverse instead of going down the toilet. 

  1. Mildew, Rust, or Decay 

It is a clear sign that you have a pipe that is leaking or damaged if you have mildew or mold in any room. The damaged pipe might not be apparent at the time but having fungus on the inside of the walls of any room or the roof is a clear indication that a pipe is leaking. There is a higher possibility of having decay on the walls if you live in a place with warmer weather.  

  1. Slow Drains

Slow drains are the first thing you will notice when a blockage begins to form. It is a clear sign of sewer line damage if the sink in the kitchen, bathroom, or garage starts to empty slowly instead of the water flowing quickly through it. Always have a plumber look at your pipes before you go ahead and use any kind of industrial drain cleaners. Using chemicals to clean your pipes can damage them even further instead of fixing the problem. 

  1. Green Patches In The Lawn

When the pipes under your front yard get damaged you might see a fresh new green patch in your lawn. A leaking pipe is one of the best sources of fertilizer for your front lawn. This is the reason why you might see a lush patch of grass or vegetation in your front yard. 

Temporarily you might be happy with all the excess vegetation. The situation might be the opposite when you find out that there is a broken pipe involved which is the cause of the outgrowth. 

  1. Rats And Insects

Believe it or not, rats love to hang out in the sewers. Rats have a good sense of smell but not a very good memory. This is why the rodents can get lost if they come outside of the sewer line but they can’t find their way back home. Insects are a completely different story. 

Insects will gather around if there is a leak from a sewer or any other pipe. You might have tried to use pesticides to control the nuisance but all to no avail. It is a good idea to have a plumber look at the pipes in the room which has the most insects. 

These are all suggestions that you might have damaged pipes. There is a possibility that these events take place but they do not mean damaged pipes at all and it is an isolated incident.


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