5 Amazing Shoe Storage Ideas You Should Add to Your Favorites


Buying a new pair of shoes always makes you happy. Having a personal walk-in closet full of tons of shoes makes your dream come true. There’s nothing wrong with collecting shoes. In fact, a lot of men and women around the world get fascinated with the shoe collection. However, the problem you might encounter in doing so is when you run out of space to store all of them. 

Storing your shoes properly might not be a problem if you have a big room for them. Otherwise, you would expect your shoes to be scattered in your room, or you could find them cluttered all over your house. Hence, you have to get the right place to store them. Here’s a list of fantastic shoe storage ideas below that you can try in keeping your shoes at home. 

  1. Hanging Shoe Organizer by Simple Houseware Door

One of the most popular shoe storage ideas that most people use worldwide is the one that saves space and effort. The concept of hanging your shoes on your bedroom walls will be significantly space-saving and fit in smaller rooms. This shoe organizer has twenty-four different pockets where you put your shoe for each one. 

It means that if there are twenty-four pockets, there will be twelve pairs of shoes in total that you can store in the shoe organizer. You’ll then attach it to your bedroom walls. This shoe organizer is most commonly used for people living in a small house or apartment. 

  1. Hanging Closet Organizer by Whitmor

The idea of hanging your shoes on your bedroom walls will help you save so much space. This next shoe storage idea is somewhat related to the first one, but instead of hanging on the walls, you have to hang the shoe organizer inside your closet. Hence, when you open your closet, everything is there. 

Your tops, bottoms, underwear, and even shoes are properly organized inside your closet. Hence, every time you prepare for a conference or other important meetings, you can easily prepare yourself and the clothes and shoes you want to wear. There’s no need to go to the other rooms or go to the next floor of the house. Everything you need is already inside your closet. That’s pretty much time-saving and simply a fantastic idea. 

  1. Under Bed Shoe Organizer by Olive Homeware

When it comes to a smaller house or apartment, maximizing every single space is very important. Sometimes, other homeowners tend to buy home furniture with a double purpose. One that you can use a sofa during day time and use it as your bed at night. Hence, even with your shoe storage, you need to do the same.

Suppose your shoe racks, closets, and shoe organizers are full because you have tons of shoes. If that will be the case, you can make use of the massive space under your bed. You can use this under bed shoe organizer by Olive Homeware. This storage significantly takes good care of your shoes by protecting them from dust or mold accumulation. Hence, you’ll be confident in using this shoe storage under your bed to save space and making your shoes safe. 

  1. Stackable Shoe Box Organizer by King Do Way

This next shoe organizer uses a typical box shape. It’s just that it uses a few advanced features. The primary material used in making this box is plastic PVC. Hence, the product is of high quality and durable. The exciting idea of using this box is that you can store your pair of shoes inside a box and put it on another filled box. 

That makes it a stackable shoe box storage that will also save space inside your room. Since its color is transparent, you can also see what shoes are inside the box, so you don’t need to open every single box when you look for a particular pair of shoes. 

  1. Premium Closet Space Saver

Another exciting shoe storage idea is the shoe slots organizer. Many people use this shoe organizer because it looks lovely, unique, and it’s space-saving. Using this idea will significantly help maximize your space in your room. If your closet and shoe racks are full, this one is the perfect option for you. It has a two-tier design that’s used for holding your shoes properly. It’s not slippery, and it’ll surely keep your shoes in position and shape. 


It always makes you happy when you see your tons of shoes arranged in your shoe racks in an orderly manner. However, if your shoe cabinets or racks are full, you can’t afford to see them scattered all over your room or house. Hence, you’ll need another set of shoe organizers for them. The list of shoe organizing ideas discussed above will surely be of immense help. Therefore, choose one now that you think will work best for your shoes, and get it home. 


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