3 Simple Ways to Boost Your Brand’s Visibility


Building brand visibility is something that should be essential for any business. However, it’s not always easy if you’re in a crowded sector and you have to go against companies with a much bigger marketing budget than yours. Still, small businesses are able to stand up against giants by using clever strategies that allow them to get an edge. Let’s take a look at a few simple and relatively inexpensive ways to boost your brand’s visibility.

3 Simple Ways to Boost Your Brand’s Visibility

Branded Vehicles

If you have one, a few, or a whole fleet of vehicles, then you have to use them for branding, and one of the best ways to do that is with great graphics. Make sure that you use colors, fonts, and images that will pop. Consider using unusual colors like pink, bright blue, or yellow if you want to stand out. You have services like remixwraps.com who can create great car wraps that will have your fleet looking professional. This alone could allow you to build a strong brand in your community.

Give Back

Speaking of community, one of the best ways to get your name known is to give back to it. You could sponsor events, or create your own. You could host a tournament of some sort, or work on charity efforts. All of those things will allow you to do something great for the people closest to you, and they will remember it. You could also get some very valuable local press coverage.

Use a Mural

If you have spare space on your building, we strongly suggest that you speak with a mural artist and see what they can do. This could be some very valuable visual real estate you could be wasting. Commercial buildings often have empty walls facing high traffic areas, and this is space that billboard companies would charge thousands for. Having a mural representing your brand could be a great way to get the same visibility for a fraction of the price. It also pays if the mural is beautiful. If it is, it will get much more attention and is more likely to be shared.

Start a Referral Program

You may have seen companies that have referral programs and you may have questioned their effectiveness, but they are a great way to spread your brand at a low cost. It costs nothing to start one and your clients will do the hard work for you. Make sure to offer enticing incentives and push your referral program wherever you can. The incentives don’t necessarily have to be money either. Sometimes, an upgrade could work just as well. Dropbox is a perfect example of a company that was able to use that technique to boost its brand. In the beginning, they offered 500MB of extra storage to anyone who would refer a friend. This is part of what made them such a force today.

So, if you want to build a brand either locally or globally, follow these few tips. Most are easy to implement and could start paying back immediately.


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