10 Secrets about Dating an INTJ Personality Type

The top relationship deal breaker, according to Myers-Briggs ...

INTJs often face multiple relationship difficulties. They spend most of their time sorting their thoughts out, and sometimes they tend to idealize the harsh reality. Unfortunately, their superior logic and imagination can end up thwarting INTJs, as they seek out their special someone. And this is just one of many facts about INTJ people. Here are ten more secrets to know.

1. People with this personality type are rational in approach to dating and relationships.

They even mentally make up a sort of a checklist of requirements for a partner long before the relationship. They always look only for the best women online, and, when meeting someone in person, there have certain rules (for example, not to look too interested) and behaviors (for instance, a girl shouldn’t start a conversation first) that people usually follow.

2. INTJs often find love when they stop looking for it.

As most INTJs have difficulty dating, their self-confidence begins to melt a little. As a result, INTJs start to brag about their intelligence, trying to compensate for the damage, which makes them less attractive. It’s only when INTJs become themselves again that their self-confidence begins to shine again, and it becomes much easier for them to find a partner.

3. INTJs feel uncomfortable expressing their emotions or trying to understand the feelings of others.

They also tend to rely on their knowledge and understanding of reality. It’s not surprising that people of this personality type can accidentally hurt the feelings of others, especially during the dating phase and even later, in the relationship phase. The INTJ mind sees conflicts as intellectual problems that need to be analyzed. This approach isn’t always appropriate, especially if their partners aren’t in the mood for having fun.

4. INTJ people love to experiment in bed

When it comes to intimate life, provided their partners are willing to reciprocate, INTJs are highly creative and enthusiastic. However, INTJs mustn’t get used to spending more time contemplating intimacy than interacting with their partner.

5. INTJs can end unpromising relationships on their own.

INTJs approach the dating phase in much the same way: they will not continue dating if their mind tells them that the chance of establishing a healthy relationship is low. However, their outward calmness can be deceiving. INTJs feel overwhelmed and will spend a lot of time analyzing what went wrong, especially if they spent a lot of time in the relationship.

6. INTJs tend to be incredibly intelligent people.

They bring consistency and understanding to their romantic relationship, but as mentioned above, their extraordinary mind can be their main enemy in this area. On this basis, if both partners can get through the rushed start of a relationship, then the relationship will last long, and INTJs will do their best to keep it that way.

7. They’re slow in expressing thoughts, deeply pondering each word.

They can make any conversation difficult. INTJs love to exchange concepts and discuss intellectual topics. To others, their comments may sound harsh, although they weren’t intended to be.

8. INTJs can sacrifice relationships to move towards new goals.

They can learn from this experience, but their minds are slower to exit the relationship than it seems from the behavior of INTJs. Internally, they try to understand the dynamics of the breakup of the relationship.

9. INTJ people are sometimes not ready to discuss problems right away.

They usually respond to conflicts with something like, “I need to think about this.” Tense situations don’t scare them, but they’re convinced that if people understood the words they speak better, any conflict wouldn’t be difficult to turn into a useful experience.

10. INTJ people constantly rethink relationships.

While INTJs are sticking to their commitments, they can still rethink the original “contract.” They believe that the agreement is good as long as all its participants understand the meaning of the word in the same way, and there’s no need to look for a new definition.


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