Use iTop Screen Recorder to Record PC Screen and Sound


With the adaptable tool iTop Screen Recorder, you may record not only your computer’s screen but also receiver sound, background music, and video from your camera. With just a few clicks, you can easily capture high-quality recordings of introductions, continuing conversations, or educational activities using iTop Screen Recorder.

What Is the Online Screening Process?

Online screen sharing refers to the capability of sharing your computer screen with other users over the internet so they may view what is happening as it happens. This contact is typically used for remote introductions, online meetings, and virtual team projects.

This is an example of a standard internet screen-sharing exchange:

Stage 1: Pick a Screen Sharing Device

The selection of a screen-sharing device that meets your needs is the most important step in web-based screen-sharing. There are several tools available, including, among others, Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, and Microsoft Groups. Some tools need you to download and install software on your PC, while other providers provide a screen recorder online to let you screen share directly from your web browser.

Stage 2: Set Up Your Screen-Sharing Meeting

Once you’ve chosen your screen-sharing tool, you should schedule your screen-sharing session. Usually, this entails organizing a new occasion or meeting and inviting new participants. Some tools let you create a public link that anybody can utilize to join a meeting, while others require you to send out an email or pre-scheduled greeting to members.

Step 3: Start Screen Sharing

It is best to start sharing your screen as soon as your screen-sharing meeting has been set up and your participants have agreed to it. You may need to click a button or pick an option depending on the tool you’re using to start sharing your screen. Some gadgets also let you choose whether to share your entire screen or just a specific application.

Stage 4: Control Your Screen-Sharing Meeting

You may influence the meeting while sharing your screen by adjusting variables like the screen objective, sound quality, and consent levels. Also, you always have the option to pause or stop screen sharing.

Step 5: Conclude the screen-sharing session

It’s important to properly conclude the meeting once you’ve finished sharing your screen. You may need to click a button or make a choice to terminate the meeting depending on the tool you’re using. Some technologies also allow you to record the meeting and preserve it for later use.

How to record screen and sound with iTop Screen Recorder

Step 1: Install iTop Screen Recorder after downloading it.

Installing iTop Screen Recorder on your computer is the first step. The product is available for download from the reputable iTop website as well as other trusted programming download sites. Follow the provided instructions to install the product on your PC after it has been downloaded.

Stage 2: Send off iTop Screen Recorder

When iTop Screen Recorder has been introduced, dismiss it by double-pressing the workspace icon. You’ll notice the product’s main connection point, which offers a few options to peruse.

Stage 3: Select the Recording Region

The selection of the recording region comes next. You have the option of choosing to record a specific area of your screen or the entire screen. Click the “Custom” option, then use your mouse to snap and drag a square shape around the area you want to record to choose a specific location.

Stage 4: Pick a Sound Source

You must choose the sound source to hear the sound together with your computer’s display. To hear the sound originating from your computer, click the “Sound Information” button and choose “Foundation Sound”. Choose “Mouthpiece” as the sound information source to save your amplifier sound for the recording.

Step 5: Modify Recording Preferences

You can adjust the recording parameters before you start recording by your needs. The quality, pace, and design of the video are your choice. By selecting “Webcam” as the video source, you may also pick to save the footage from your webcam for the recording.

Stage 6: Begin Recording

You’re ready to start recording once you’ve selected the location for the recording, selected the sound source, and altered the recording parameters. To start the recording, click the “Record” button. Whenever you choose, you may pause and restart the recording by simply touching the appropriate buttons.

Stage 7: stop recording and save the file

After you are finished recording, click the “Stop” button to end the session. You may view captured footage and make necessary changes. Choose a location to store the document by clicking the “Save” button.

Bottom lines

In short, iTop Screen Recorder is a powerful screen recording tool that enables you to record your computer screen, receiver sound, background noise, and camera video. iTop Screen Recorder is a fantastic option for anybody looking to create high-quality screen recordings for a variety of uses thanks to its simple-to-use UI and flexible settings. Whether you’re creating educational exercises, recording online lectures, or collaborating with colleagues remotely, iTop Screen Recorder is a reliable and practical tool that may help you achieve your goals.


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